Submitted Date 12/28/2019

Resolutions, quests, goals, and more, oh my. How many of you procrastinate your goals until January first hits, and maybe (just maybe) end up losing motivation when January first hits or at least the second. I will raise my hand to that, I am guilty. The truth is procrastination is a thing lots of people deal will and it's definitely a thing for the new year because we have all these things about making resolutions and being better for the new year, it's always about that threshold from the thirty-first to the first, and so usually when some goals are thought of in early December when people slowly start to ponder the previous months of failures and triumphs, they are goals that are thought of and waiting stagnant to be brought to life until the new year. Why can't we start them now? Recently some of my friends have discussed this and wondered why they feel stuck and unable to make changes until the new year comes, but they just don't feel like it's right to start changing. You can change at any time, anywhere, any moment, and the new year kind of just brings these thoughts out in people. Procrastination, in my opinion, isn't that bad as most people, or at least my friends, have complained about. Quite frankly, I started thinking of some things I want to change about my life and some resolutions in early December. I actually have a lot of goals on my mind, and the only one I've really set forth in pursuing was one to get a job and relocate, but so far, I have not been that successful (fingers crossed, though). Almost every day, and usually night, after indulging in holiday sweets and cooking batches and batches of cookies to eat each day, I have had that usual new years resolution about fitness and going to the gym, and I have researched gym membership deals for the new year, trust me. But I know myself, and I know that I will eventually not go to the gym and workout at home on my own terms early on into the new year. Am I setting myself up for failure? I personally don't think so, it's not exactly failure to me because I know myself now and know that I don't actually enjoy working out at the gym, I enjoy yoga and workouts at home or walks and hiking outside and specific classes. But usually people pick that gym membership card up for the new year to make them feel like they're investing in themselves and will commit because they paid for it. I think my biggest resolution is to know myself better, to listen to my body more, and to do the things I know I will enjoy. So even thought I want to get back into fitness, I won't purchase that good deal for a yearly gym membership I saw last night, I put my money (and less money) towards myself by ordering some workout equipment which only consisted of some weight bands that were five bucks or so (but still contemplating some other things), and I want to put my money towards some courses that I feel like I'd enjoy, and some new things I never have done, so I really want to try out some kickboxing courses, and I want to try it out unashamed because my arms are probably the weakest part of me.

When I feel like I want to write more for the new year, I change this into I want to write more so I will go out more to more coffee shops or public libraries to write. I don't just want to write more, I want to write more in places I enjoyed being at this year, and I haven't written away my day in a coffee shop recently. I don't think it's bad to wait for January first to start, I don't think it's procrastinating unless you dread the date approaching to do it, which I know many people do when they have that fitness resolution and probably lots of other things regarding bad habits that need breaking. Resolutions have a reputation for falling through days, weeks, or months after the new year, and I think that has a lot to do about procrastinating ones that are dreaded. If you really want to quit smoking for the new year, you have to set that foundation up for yourself in December to be successful and slowly wean off more. Usually, if you dread doing something and day approaches on January first, you will dread it for the rest of the month and onward and you will probably go back to your usual ways. That's just my personal experience and my observations to the one's I am close to. If you did purchase some gym membership for the new year and you hate working out, why not hype yourself up a little by purchasing some nice or new workout clothes and starting off with doing easy exercises at home, or at least stretches to prepare? I mean, if you also don't try to do a little bit of stretching and you haven't in a while, working out might just be more painful when it begins in January and that's another reason to feel like you don't want to continue.

I know it's seems a little late to be discussing this because the new year is just so very soon, but it really never is too late. You can start weaning off the smokes today, you can start doing some stretches now, you can reach out to old friends or go to coffee shops and write more or find a new hobby now. I mean, carpe diem, right? And especially if your resolution is to be more clean or organized, oh please start that today and do some pre new years organizing and cleaning and you will feel oh so much better and have a strong foundation of a squeaky clean place before the year hits.

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