Submitted Date 07/06/2019

(December 29, 1966 - June 24, 2019) I met David through the relationship between Janet and Tracy (our wives). They were correct in observing that his sense of humor was akin to my own and we found a kinship of faith and family, as well. Much of the time during our years of friendship, David was hospitalized off and on - more on than off. As a result, I likely spent more time with him when he was unconscious than when he was conscious, visiting him in the hospital.

After finding David had remembered hearing me when I read to him, even when he was evidently unconscious, I determined that I would continue reading the same book to him every time I had the occasion to visit in those circumstances. As a result, during his last weeks in the hospital, even though I only once or twice got the chance to converse with him, I was able to finish reading our shared book, Jack London's The Call of the Wild.

David's wry Facebook posts and sometimes gently warped observations were somewhat of a barometer of his health. In fact, April 30th of this year, he posted, "People use my FB posts as a barometer to my health. I haven't posted much lately because I haven't had much to post. Rest assured I'm doing well." Soon thereafter began his final hospitalization. I will miss his wit and wisdom in that forum.

It was an honor and privilege to know you, David. You will be missed, but we find solace in the knowledge that you are no longer in pain and no longer suffering. You have gone before us and are now among the, "great cloud of witnesses," watching over us hereafter. Save us a place. We'll join you soon enough.

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