Submitted Date 03/14/2019

"Man, I'm not a dealing with this right now." Putting a hand to his stiff neck he started on the way to the bedroom. It's been a really long day for him and he didn't need anyone complaints to finish the day off.

"Your a sorry excuse for a husband." Lacyla screamed after him, but he ignored her as he began climbing the stairs, but what she said next made him stop immediately. "And you will never be half the man Dorion is!"

Gregend wasn't so tired anymore after his brain processed his wife's words. "Who is Dorian?!"

"Who the hell is Dorian?" He asked again with an aggressive tone when there was no response. He didn't miss her grey eyes shift left, right, and then left again. Something she did when she contemplated her next words.

"Dorion," She paused. "Is the man I have been with ever since you got that job you love more than your own family."

All Gregend could think to his self is that the woman he loved for fourteen years was just joking and that she is not cheating on him, she would never. So many emotions swarmed inside his body. It was hard for him to express how he felt without being angry as he looked into her grey polished eyes then at thin pink lips. How he would like to kiss her and run his fingers through her soft perfect shade of blonde hair.

"You know that's not true, all I have tried to do for the past fourteen years of our marriage Is make you happy, have money so I could give you and Kindy the best but, I can see that's not good enough!" Gregend argued when he could finally find his voice. Lacyla only folded her arms and raised her perfectly arched eyebrow at her husband. That's when Gregend realized that the women before him isn't the woman he married. Her grey eyes didn't shine bright anymore. Her expression seemed hard towards him. "Your, your cheating on me?" The words felt bitter as he stuttered them out his lips. He still couldn't believe it and he didn't want to either.

"Dorion can you please come out of the closet?" Dorion slowly stepped out of the closet inside of the Tailiers mansion on the suburban side of town. Dorion was tall, muscular, with light brown skin and teeth so white you could see your own reflection. As soon as Gregend got a good clear look at him he knew that Dorion was a better comparison to him he looked like a large pit-bull making Gregend look like a chiuah. As intimidating Gregend found his wife's side piece he was determined to stand his ground. "I cant believe you after all I have done, all I have sacrificed to buy this house, all the five thousand dollar shoes In that closet, Kindy's private school you are so unappreciative!"

"Well believe it!" Lacyla let out a small chuckle as she shook her head. "And don't worry about the house, the clothes, and Kindy because Dorion here is a lawyer and he is going to help me get every last thing."

"No, hell no! I worked hard for all of this" Gregend pointed to the floor, "this here and everything in it is mine! You ain't taking sh**".

"Oh yes I am! Isn't that right baby?" The blond haired beauty asked the man she'd kept a secret. "Yeah. Baby I was thinking we should change the colors of the rooms you know after I move in" Dorian said tauntingly, making sure to keep eye contact with Gregend as he wrapped his arms around the woman he stole. "Of course honey whatever you want". He leaned In to kiss her on the cheek.

The sight of his wife next to another man broke him like a champagne glass busting on the ground. "When you move In?!"

"Okay Lacyla that's enough you can't do this to me and Kindy." Gregend practically begged.

"Who is kindy baby?"

"My daughter"

"Whoa you didn't tell me you had a kid"

"Yeah because that's what she does manipulate people so she can get what she wants and then throw you In the trash."

Ignoring the angry man in the room she quickly responded to Dorian, "Baby kindy is sixteen she will be out of the house before you know it"

"Yeah but that means she has to be with us for two years"

"Please shes a really nice girl I promise". An expression of disbelief and worry shinned on Dorion's face but a few seconds of thinking it through helped him come up with his decision." Okay but as soon as she gets out of control she has to move with your sister"

A smile took over Lacyla lips, "She will love you and behave"

"Kindy will not be living with you and that beast you call a man, he will not be in my house with my baby girl!" A sudden rage had built up In Dorion's body."You better watch who your talking to I was going to be nice to you and not milk you completley dry from your money because now I see how pathetic Lacyla said you are."

Dorion stepped up In Gregend's face."Okay stop It!". "Gregend she Is living with us because you wont have a home after we take everything giving the judge more reason to give us custody of her"

"I swear to you If you take my daughter away from me I'm going to..."

"What we have power over you we can even have you arrested"

"Do us a favor and get your stuff and leave!"

"What's going on?". Kindy appeared In the middle of the affair dressed In her sleep wear still looking sleepy. "Kindy honey why don't you go back to bed we are just.."Just what!". Her voice quickly rose up breaking the mask of sleep she wore. "Kindy calm down and just go to bed". Looking around the room feeling the tense the air was warm and thick she looked at her father and looked carefully. Kindy knows her father oh so well. His face looks blank to her but she can tell by the muscles and stress on his shinny bald head and a few tiny sweat droplets like a angry drill sargent. Turning to her mother with her hand locked in hand in hand like high school couples trying to look suspicious Lacyla dropped Dorion's hand fast when she caught her daughter's eye. Putting all the pieces together she believed to have solved the puzzle after the gray clouds disappeared in her head a great rage filled her too adjusting the mood that was set in the room she is no dummy. "No! Who is he and why are you close to him dad is right here you know!"

"Look we will talk about this In the morning this is my lawyer Dorion". Lacyla tried to move away from Dorion too look as If she is innocent. "I want to talk about this now!"

"Yeah Lacyla why cant tell her now since this Is clearly the night secrets come from the dark."

"Gregend quiet!"

"Secrets? What secrets?"

"Kindy how about we go outside get some fresh air and talk about this calmly"

"Stop making excuses tell me now because it looks like your cheating on dad with this black man no offense but you always stood by dad and no other man". Kindy's voice started to crack and a pool filled the exact grey eyes as her mother she turned to look at her father again who always feels her pain and his face still hard and angry looked like a tear wanted to swim down but he held it like a dam blocking water."Sweet heart do you see anyone In this room on my side, that's exactly what's happening". "Gregend!"

"Oh shut up Lacyla our girl is sixteen years old she's not stupid and you cant make her pretend to not see anything and sweep everything under the rug like usual but your crazy little mind games, not everyone plays!"

"So your cheating on dad!"

"I'm not cheating, sweetie you don't understand". Gregend gave Lacyla a face he never gave her before a face of hate it's one thing to lie and hurt him but. Its another to lie and hurt Kindy his rare diamond. More and more the argument went on Gregend kept getting less attached to Lacyla she even started becoming unattractive in his eyes which was usually hard because his wife is always stunning at the age of thirty nine she is still tight, toned, and fit no wrinkles perfect skin firm breast and a nice set of pearly whites.

"Really so I suppose your not cheating on me and your not telling me that your going to take everything I built for this family and my daughter and that this is just a dream, face it you cant hide your dirt because your filthy"

"Your horrible mom!" Kindy always stood by her father through thick and thin expecially now that her mother stands with another."Thank you finally I'm not the bad guy here". "Please Kindy I havent been happy and so..."

"You find away to hurt and humiliate him instead of talking about a possible divorce like real adults are suppose too!" Lacyla fought all the wrong she did to make it sound right and win the heart of her daughter to her side like a dirty cop it's your duty to do right but, you rather do wrong. "Honey If I did that I would only get half now I can have It all"

"That's your problem you don't know what you have you already had. It all what ever you want I got It for you because I love you"."Haha I want love Gregend! you were never here all this money doesn't kiss me and hold me at night your suppose too". Dorion got closer to Lacyla and looked Kindy up and down like she is a demon."Yeah Lacyla she is very well behaved". His sarcasm stretched across the room to Kindy and when it reached her ear she stared so hard she didn't blink at all you could only see fire and pain."Not now Dorion". . Finally looking alive after a few minutes she stabbed her mother with a sharp painful look. "I hope you know you are no longer a real woman standing next to him".


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  • Tomas Chough 1 week ago

    Very real and intense story. Keep up that writing. Thanks for sharing Araganise!

  • Miranda Fotia 22 hours, 34 minutes ago

    Very dramatic piece! Thanks for sharing!