Submitted Date 12/08/2018

Sometimes when I'm lonely

I think back to way back when

And I see your face so clearly

Wish we could go back there again

Riding with the top down On a breezy summer noon

We'd stay out till the air turned sweet

Till we saw the midnight moon.

Country roads and country songs

And things we'd never tell our mother

Those butterflies a random touch

Man, we loved each other.

Tonight I smell sweet jasmine

It fills the still night air

I close my eyes against it

And see your honey-colored hair

It was Spread across the wildflowers

Your eyes looked into mine

Your beauty took my breath away

Another love. Another time.

The pain inside my soul has dulled

To a solemn empty gray

And my life has never been the same

Since the day you walked away

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  • Kiersten Felch 1 year, 11 months ago

    Remembering when is always so bittersweet. You really conveyed that.