Submitted Date 04/23/2020

10,000 years ago the first Calamity came and destroyed the world. The rage that the White dragon had couldnt be healed becasue of all the hate towards it. The four clans had to help eachother to stop the mass distruction by this poor thing. The dragon was in pain and hurting but it was those around the dragon who did such and now they must fix what they did. the four clans the spiders had to bind the dragon, the foxes who were showing the dragon calming images, the snake clan to poison the dragon to weaken it, and the last but least the ram clan created but the king himself to finally kill and seal the poor dragon away. They werent succsseful at all causing the dragon to becoming enraged and the world was starting to crack when finally white flash happend and a dragon as black as the night appeared only words were echoed through the minds of all.

"It will start again but all will wish they did die today. For the next is a fox again."

Then there was a firery explotion and the two were gone thus starting a new era for the world. The start of a new cycle and both the dragons from then hope they won't make the same mistake they did this time. They hope that they will treat the innocent fox better than this.

9,601 Years later.

Once there was a poor flower boy his age was seventeen and he helped his mother with farming the flowers. The flower boy took care of a special plot of the flowers because they were his favorite. They were called Maddmist Red they were rare and these one's were sold for the most. It's a beautful day today and a good day to go sell some flowers. So the boy harvested some flowers of the viaring types and then he harvested some of his favorite. Walking along the road he came across a man working in the rice feilds his hair as black as night he was strong build and looked as if he could carry the boy to and from the market. The rice farmer looked up at this flower boy and seen beautiful sapphire eyes that went well with the white hair that the flower boy had. His small and slight femine body was a marvoluse sight for the rice farmer.. The boy saw the rice farmer's eye's and noiticed they were his favorite color they looked just like the flower. They walked closer and it was like the world stopped for them. Smiling they made a deal with eachother. The Flower boy would keep a few of the rare flower and trade later that day with the Rice Farmer for rice. They did this more and more until the winter when the boy couldn't grow the flowers anymore and instead made baskets for the farmer. They continued for year a nightly routine for both, with a smile their love grew with it. Then on day The Flower boy saw that his rice farmer wasnt there and went to look for him. In a shead in the back of his family home he layed there sick the poor rice farmer. The Farmers family were to scared to catch the disease that the farmer had, but not the flower boy. He kept true to his love and took care of him and even taking him to his family home to the shead what was made so they could make flower works. This was the only space they had open for the poor farmer. Yet the flower boy would take care of the farmer. Some day's the farmer would get worse and some day's he'd beable to sit up and watch the boy work in the flower feilds. The boy had to go to the market to sell some of the flower's so gave the farmer water and some food that could last till he got back. But this time when the boy was on his way back, he helped a man who was seeking shelter and by the kindess of the flower boys heart. The boy agreed to help them for the night so they could go to town and rent a room. If only that was the case for the boy. This night was the last night they ever saw eachother. With a smile the flower boy sat next to the farmer and gave him the first kiss they would share. The boy left blushing but the words followed him. "ill marry you no matter what. i will wait untill i call you mine once and for all no matter how long it takes my love!". Both the boy and farmer were giddy with eachother but the boy had to sleep and the farmer had to rest. this night was the night of the blood moon. The man whom the flower boy helped decided to wake him and drag him out from his bed and made him watch as this mans friends drained the flower boy's mother of her blood. he cried out wanting them to stop but it was too late. She was gone and her eyes dead, the boy cried over his mother and wished that he had just refused. The man looked at me and said i was a kind boy, and that it wasn't foolish to help those in need but it was foolish to invite a demon in. That man made the boy drink his blood and watched as it turned the boy into a demon sprouting out ear's and a tail that was snow white. The boy was tired from the transformation in which he collapsed. The farmer boy couldnt do anything but listen and stay there. The next day came and the boy was carried off. The farmer lay as he was now on deaths door longing for the touch of his loved one. Thus the longing lasted for a period of days only growing stronger berfor one blackend night. A man who had felt this longing looked at the farmer who was dying, yet this man was no ordinary man but the KIng of all Demons the blackened eyes he felt pitty towards this soul. "do you wish freedom. to be healthy or to be wealthy what is your wish poor child. ill give it to you for a proce of course." the King muttered as he had been through this manny times before. This King has been looking for someone to chose something else besides the basic of greed and pride for one. The farmer stared up at the roof for which he could not see this man nor anything in the room. The farmer had gone blind with in the days, Although he laughed at the man he could not see. "You insult me thinking i have such greed and pride sir. Those which you list off is not what i want. And i will pay any price for the thing i really want. I would even become the King of demons for the one i love. Oh how i wish to see his face and that smile. I long to see him i wanna see his beautiful smile. Can you grant my wish of seeing my beloved Yusa Nakamura. I'll pay any price you wish sir." the farmer just turned his head slightly towards the presence he can feel within the small shead. The king looked at this boy the man who just requested to see his love instead of haing health, money for even to be a king now. Smiling the King asks "Is this all you wish my drear boy" The farmer smiled and though he could not see the light in his eyes could show only his love for his Yusa.

"i wish to make him my wife. I want to be his king and him to be my queen" the farmer said weakly but smiling. The King smiled at this and nodded his head in approval. He has found the one he wishes to take his place he has found his next heir to the throne and this boy has found the next queen to continue.

"I'll grant your wish of course at the price you will pay is both a blessing and curse so becarful for which you are going to be my son from now on." smiling the King looked at him and the dark stary night became as bright as the sun and now the once sick farmer boy. Is now a dangrouse beast looking for his lover.

Welcome to the demons world Prince Haruto. We shall find The Queen immediately.


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