Submitted Date 08/31/2019

Hello, how are you today?
Hello, how's it going?
I just came by to say hello.
Would you mind if I asked . . .
Would you mind if I say . . .

How lovely you are,
How delightful to me!
Your presence is like lights
Strewn around the ceiling,
Like joy lighting its bulb
In the corner of my eye.

You are beautifully, wonderfully made,
Your ways familiar to my own soul.
Though I don't know you, yet I know you;
A part of you, at least, fully resonates
With mine. You delight my soul.

How lovely you are,
Yet far from myself.
I sing behind the wall,
For you are blind.
You stretch out your hands.
You cannot tell your right from your left.
In the core of your heart you are my enemy,
You hate my core and the master who bought me.

Could I call you from the abyss?
How I wish to serve you, my friend,
As my master serves me, and has
Compassion on me. So I long to
Love you to the end of the age.

May I serve with fullness of love
Without the touch of fear, nor
The things that so easily entangle.
May I serve with my master's wisdom,
Which I cannot obtain of myself.

Yet, in a little while, you too shall go,
And I shall part my way and seek my own.
I bid you farewell, for that time to come,
And hope my master's life touched yours.

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