Submitted Date 05/02/2022

How many people understand the real meaning behind the word meditation? I am sure I was one of many that knew it existed but never truly felt its power.

It was a rainy day in New York, and I was all alone in my apartment. The weather was absolute reflection of my own negative mood. I was sitting on my couch feeling the discomfort of this inner dark cloud and looking for ways to get rid of it. I could not find the reason behind it. This scared me, I started wondering if this is how my whole life is going to unfold? Followed by negative cloud, not understanding how to change it. As I was sitting and contemplating all these inner thoughts, I noticed one that felt different, it appeared from an unknown place, a place that had power I could not resist. The pull to look at it was like a magnet; I could not help but notice it. The thought clearly whispered: Try meditation, Be quiet and still.

I felt stunned for I have heard of meditation before, but I had never tried It myself. It felt mysterious and very compelling, the desire to try it was stronger than anything I have ever experienced before. Rush of excitement ran thru my whole body; I was drawn instantly. Right away I start researching on my computer how to do it. I watched couple of videos with instructions and felt ready.

Placed pillows on the floor, closed the blinds, lid one candle, and sat comfortably with my eyes closed. Up to this point the only time I would do that was when I was going to bed, it felt a bit strange and exciting at the same time. I closed my eyes and started following the rhythm of my own breath, it felt as It was guiding me to unknown place, a place familiar but long forgotten. As I followed my invisible guide, I found myself swimming in a wave of calmness and light. Not knowing how I got there I allowed the light to penetrate my whole body, melting all the darkness and thoughts away. There was no trace of how I felt earlier, Instead, I was basking in an overwhelming blanket of love and peace. I could not comprehend what was really happening but trusted completely. I remember not wanting this moment to ever end. The feeling of peace and love stayed with me for little while, then vanished to the same place it came from.

As I slowly opened my eyes, I was blown away, I knew I had found the missing link in my life. It felt magical and mysterious, leaving me a gift, a burning desire to know more about this sacred place.

Since that day I have been dedicated to discovering the truth of our human nature, to know the depth and complexity of it. Wanting to understand emotions, feelings, thoughts …where do they come from? Where do they go after they leave? Are we more than what we have been thought to believe? The path to discover the answers to these questions has been life giving. I would be sharing more soon…



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