Submitted Date 12/01/2019

With the new year approaching, I have developed an obsession with all things new and all new habits. I may or may not be focusing more on the new year throughout my articles for just a little while, but trust me, I promise to not bore you with the usual praises you hear about new things to get into like joining a gym, giving up meat, going vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, fully raw, throwing away every thing that does not give you joy. No, I'll stray away from that.

I think what I tried to focus on a lot when the new year came by for 2019 was converting to a more zero waste lifestyle, and I also remember I wanted to write more. Needless to say, I felt like most of this whole year was filled with a whole lot of writer's block for me. I also have not met my goals for buying less plastic packaged things, I sometimes forget my reusable bag when grocery shopping, I'm only human, okay, I'm trying my best. I have kind of collected a lot of interesting habits, some are things I personally never thought of, but I feel that maybe it's time to think about what little things can be done to make your life a little easier. I don't like looking at it as: what little/big things can I do to drastically change myself or life, that's fine, it's a fine goal, an okay thought, but I think maybe that's what causes a lot of people to bail of their new years resolutions so fast. Little baby steps are not any less than the big declarations and goals if you stick through more with the little steps than you would with the attempted large strides, right?

If you aren't, and maybe were never, a morning person, maybe try to wake up thirty minutes earlier than you need to, or not pressing that snooze button. Getting that extra snooze is awesome, but not that great if it always leads you to scrambling to get ready for the day last minute. That sets out the beginning of your day, which could affect the rest. It honestly is great to mentally prepare yourself for whatever is to come. Or, maybe you already wake up early but don't do much, or stay in your bed, whereas being more mindful of your thoughts and self rather then scrolling on your phone in bed could be great.

Since we did touch on technology a little, most social media tells you your activity now, and the time you spent on the app. Maybe go ahead and check up on that, set a goal to reduce it even a little. I think trying to be more present is a great mindset to have for the new year and right now (it's never too early!) I know that Instagram lets you set a daily reminder to watch your time, and I am pretty sure this feature is also on the iPhone.

Here's something I don't really think about, because I'm just a very thirsty person and have always drank a lot of water, I can really tell the change in how my body feels, and bloating, when I don't have that much time to drink a lot of water. I feel like my face definitely looks bloated if I ignore my water intake. And, water is good for you. So try to hit a goal. Your skin will start to look better, you'll feel good, you might get less headaches, etc. Many of my friends barely touch water, and you can easily try to switch out soda for some h2o.

Manage your money. I know, money really isn't that fun to think about, but hey, it's important. You don't want to be swimming in debt or more debt for 2020, do you? Maybe set a goal to pay off anything before the new year hits and try to manage all your spending from there. Document it yourself, or use a program like Quicken. I used to document my spending in a bullet journal, I would mostly focus on physical cash since my other expenses through card are already documented online or on an app, but I started to write those expenses down, too. I know that personally, even if my credit/debit card expenses are documented online, I don't really check until the end of each month, and I am always ready to wince at any amount when I wait for the site/app to load on me. It makes a bigger impact if you are writing or typing it out. Cut down on expenses you don't need. Look into any subscriptions you don't use. Spotify, Netflix, Hulu, do you need all of them? Also, investigate things that will help you save money. For me, one of those things were Dollar Shave Club, which has cut my expenses like crazy on the cost of razor refills, and now I am looking into either buying my own epilator, which is an investment well worth it if I never have to buy any more shaving products or additional products for the epilator.

Possibly do some decluttering, but don't go too overboard to where you either get yourself into a throwing away/donating frenzy, because you may or may not have regrets about some lost items. I save a lot of that decluttering craziness for springtime, but I do get rid of some things usually for the new year. I always make sure to throw away any sentimental things from past relationships which ended this year or friendships. I also make sure to throw away any items that are broken and unfixable, because why hold on to them, anyway? I try to get rid of the useless things that I for some reason held on through for the whole year. What's nice is to also declutter your phone or laptop/computer. Delete any apps you don't use, delete any documents you don't need, etc.

There's lots of things you can do to make things feel a little more new! I may or may not be elaborating on more things later, but so far, small habits and getting rid of unneeded things is a good step 1.




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