Submitted Date 04/27/2019

Photo by Caio Resende from Pexels

The point at which you'll find yourself on page 96 in The Magical Fair, the hand-written version, is set far from the clouds, rather the opposite, deep beneath the earth.

"Beyond the copper gate of the elevator was a large cavern, decked with lit candles along the rocky ledges arching high across the walls of the cavern. The floor was smooth, red rock, and stretches of the walls gaped with yellow chasms of light. An oriental rug lay across the floor stretching nearly end to end of the room. The ceiling was painted with a fresco of a group of wolves dancing around a full moon."

Why did I choose a picture of the sky? The sun is eclipses by a hefty cloud. The light behind that cloud is the story I wish to tell; an unspeakable process will get me to it, mysterious as how a child is formed in the womb. What a story is waiting!

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