Submitted Date 08/15/2019

the city at night

Is incredibly different than other hours of the day

the noises softer

the light brighter

the colors hazier


I see the glass windows of the apartment building across the street shine an interesting blue

not a sky blue

not a royal blue

but somewhere in between

a welcoming sleepy blue


I can actually hear the crickets chirping their songs

no engines rumbling or dogs barking obscuring natures hymns

I make my own way down the street

the soft padding of my shoes


echoing my every move

this city is known for many things

one of them being that it never sleeps

and while I recognize the truth in this

as I see myself and a few other strangers walking our blocks

it feels to me as if this is the closest to sleep our city ever gets

the soft light

slow noises

and the dreams people see beneath their eyelids

as they themselves get sleep

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  • Rick Doble 1 month ago

    The colors are different at night because many of the colors are lit from behind rather than reflected -- which gives them a different character. BTW I am a night owl.

    • Ceara 1 month ago

      Oh, so interesting. Thanks for that fun fact!