Submitted Date 05/09/2020

With no salvation to be spared

With no red sea to be split

How much more can you bear to lose

How many more guys can be spilled out for the cause?

There's a bullet we all have to eat


The stitches only repair so much

Through war, through negotiations, through every stand-off, the political grand-standing and heart-tugging,

through the illusion of peace, the illusion of control and security, and the generations to follow adopting the same false morality

More stitches will always be needed


Give them something that allows them to put their lives back together, put the pieces back together

At least a decent pension

In a way

The stitches shapeshift into staples

Their claws, that iron grip leave a mark

Those men and women had to handle the burden of the world

Even if they dont get a medal

Or get to shake the Presidents hand

They are heroes


Those stitches arent scars or stripes

They represent that they've survived

They give you character like a shark-bite.


In introspective happiness and contentment

They'll write and say, and with their signature as a stamp

To the one I owe all my luck to

I've proved my worth and value

I've shown that I've arrived



Theres more to do


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