Submitted Date 05/11/2020

I still could not believe what had occurred. For five years I battled with the whispers of the gem and that day, they finally overcame me. In doing so, the king of Rahsia became aware of my true lineage, where Alex and I had been the past five years, and…he learned of my mother's real nature as well as where her loyalties lie. My sister witnessed me running to Father and Supreme. She followed after me to the meeting chambers. Luckily, my father and Supreme were alone in the room when Alex and I arrived. I was then able to reveal to the three of them what just happened without anyone else listening in.

It was hard to read Father in that moment. Though yelling towards me, I honestly could not tell if he was angered with me for my actions or the gem for now placing Mother in this situation. "You did what?!"

"Father, I am so sorry!" I cried.

"You see," Alex began pointing out with her rage growing as fast as wildfire, "this never would have happened if it weren't for that stupid gem! Why do we even have that darn thing anyway?! This guild- heck- this entire palace is filled with sorcerers who can literally shoot magic and the elements from their bare hands!! Why would we need an old rock to protect us?!?"

"I believe I can answer that," Supreme stood from her seat and walked towards the door. She peered out to be certain that there were no others around to eavesdrop. When all was clear, Supreme closed the door and faced us. "The gem does not just serve as a protection from invaders. It is meant to guide Universal Sorcerer's on their path towards their destiny. Legend has it, the gem was forged from the core of a star that had landed in our world many eons ago and was what introduced the beings here to magic. Our guild was then forged and made it its mission to assist those who needed help in all worlds, not just our own. One day, a pupil of the guild, who had not yet discovered his type of sorcery, claimed he was being called to the gem. When he touched it, he was shown many things, including how to wield a type of magic the society had not yet discovered. This man became the first Universal Sorcerer. We believe that the gem was also what triggered the children of Universal Sorcerers to cause the rampage throughout the worlds. Which was why the law had been written that Universal Sorcerers were no longer allowed to have offspring. After years of researching, I have concluded that the gem, of which has been called Teras ini, can only communicate with Universal Sorcerers because of their connection to all of life in the universe, much like itself."

Alex was indeed surprised, especially since her educated guess from our earlier conversation was correct. "Oh dang!" she exclaimed. "I was right?!"

"It would appear so," I answered.

"However," Supreme began speaking again, "I had never heard of the gem acting as you had described, Skye. To send your spirit to the King of Rahsia then have your minds connect. Either there's more to Teras ini than I had originally anticipated…or…the king learning of who you and your mother truly are is all a part of your destiny."

Father stood forcefully from his seat stating, "Either way, Andrea is in grave danger. We have to do something."

I concurred with my father, "I agree. What can I do to help?"

Supreme answered, "No, Skye. You must remain here where the king won't locate you."

"What?!" I exclaimed. "No! This was my fault! I need to-"

"Sis, she's right," Alex interrupted. My sister had always wanted what was best for me and never disputed my decisions. So it came as a surprise when she denied my desire to assist. "Look, you know I always have your back. But they're right. Dad knows pretty much enough to have you condemned to death. We both know what he's capable of, now more than ever, if you go back he will find a way to kill you! I can't lose you Sis!"

"Neither will I," Father added.

Supreme approached the three of us and said in her leadership voice, "Then it's settled. Skye, you will remain here. Stephan, I shall open the portal for you to go and bring Andrea back here for her safety. I have a feeling her marriage to the king will have ended by the time you arrive."

Though Father was very worried about Mother, he gave a small grin at the thought of being with her again. He gave a bow in respect, "Yes, Supreme Sorcerer."

"I'm coming too." Alex added.

"No, Alex. It will be far too dangerous," Father stated.

"You don't have much of a choice," Alex started explaining, "No one knows my dad like Skye and I do. You're going to need at least one of us to help."

Supreme smiled at Alex's determination. "Alex is indeed correct. She will accompany you, Stephan, on this rescue," she stated.

I attempted to make my case. "But-" was all I was able to get out.

"No 'buts' Skye!" Father realized how loudly he stated that. He came over and hugged me. "My daughter, I cannot even bare the thought of losing you. Please stay here. Alex and I shall return with your mother shortly." Even though I did not like the idea of staying behind, I hugged my father back implying that I understood.

Supreme no later said, "It's settled then. Skye, return to your chambers and wait there till I send for you. Stephan and Alex, come with me."

After wishing them luck, I did what was ordered of me and returned to my chambers.


It felt like hours had gone by while laying upon my bed, waiting for word about my father and sister's return with Mother. Still, I could not shake the feeling that something was wrong. Even if only just an hour had gone by, they should have returned by now. They had magic, what could possibly be taking so long? I thought to myself. No longer wanting to feel helpless or be consumed by worry, I snuck out of my chambers and went to the underground library.

I gazed upon the gem. "Now you listen here," I said sternly. "My mother is in danger and now my father as well as my sister might be because of you. I don't know if this is all a part of my destiny, but you owe me for placing them in this predicament. Now, show me…Show me how to save them." I grabbed the gem where it lit up once more and revealed to me what I needed to see.


In Rahsia, Father and Alex were having some difficulty. It turned out that the king was more than prepared for any attempt in our rescuing of Mother. Unbeknownst to us, the gem not only had the king and I come into contact when we were worlds apart, but that it also had us communicate through different times. What was current for me was actually the previous day for the king. After that event, King Michael had gathered the fully recovered bandits from before and ordered them to collect any magical item they could find in the fight against whoever was coming. He had an inkling that I would be the one to come to save Mother, but thought about others possibly arriving as a precaution. Thanks to the elder woman of the group, the bandits actually discovered a hidden chamber within the castle that was hiding magical artifacts and could assist in defending themselves. Upon learning of Mother's treachery, the king divorced her then disowned Alex, claiming he wanted absolutely no ties to them.

At this point in time, after some fighting had been conducted, the king used one of the magical items to create a magical sphere around Father and Alex, preventing them from using their magic to escape. Mother was bound in chains and forced to watch as the love of her life and her second daughter were trapped.

"You see Andrea," the king looked to her with such victory over his foes, but with complete disgust towards her. "You see what magic does to people? It makes them feel empowered, enough to disrupt the true nature of things and rewrite it to whatever pleases them. Like, your punishment for example. I had just sentenced you to death for your treachery against the crown and they showed up trying to stop it."

Alex shouted, "It's called 'saving an innocent life,' dirt-bag!"

"You do not talk to me that way! I am your father!" the king angrily yelled.

My sister then said, "Not anymore! You disowned me, genius!"

Before the king could throw any more furious words towards Alex, Mother pleaded, "Michael, please! I understand how angry you are, I really do! But this isn't you."

"I know, but I have to fulfill my duty as king. Whatever it takes," the king said as he pulled out a pistol. "I was made aware of the existence of magic, but never believed it until five years ago. It was then that I learned of the reason why magic was outlawed from this world. The king at the time felt that if those who had never known true power before finally got a taste of it, it would drive them insane. So he excluded magic in an attempt to stop what he viewed as lunacy. However, as you can see, someone went against his wishes and thought it necessary to hide a few of these in case an event such as this were to occur. I realize the irony in this, using magic to hinder those with magic, but I have to do what needs to be done."

Alex was disgusted by the king's claim. She leaned towards my father and whispered, "You know how it's a joke before that because I got so much of mom's stubbornness and temper in me that there was no room for anything relating to my dad? I take that as a full on compliment now."

Father replied, "As much as I am glad to hear that, we need to find a way out in order to rescue your mother."

"And now, as my duty as king, I will now use this pistol to end the one who began this entire mess." King Michael then pointed the weapon at my mother. "Goodbye Andrea. You at least pleased me some of the time."

My mother, looking furious and strong, then said, "You never pleased me. In fact, you were quite dull." All were surprised to witness Mother taking such a different turn. Her true colors were finally revealed to everyone. Father and Alex were proud of her for speaking her mind, but also worried how the king would react.

King Michael tried so hard to keep his composure before, but everything leading up to this point, finally made him snap. "That's it! Now, you die!" he was about to shoot my mother when a portal opened up in the center of the throne room where all were at. Jumping through it and interrupting the king, was me. He ordered his guards to attack and I fought back, taking down each and everyone one of them. I looked over to the king where he said, "So…here you are. When I last saw you, standing here before me, you were my firstborn bred to rule this kingdom someday. I even allowed that supposed life changing journey to happen because I believed it would transform you into someone would be an even greater ruler than I…Then it was revealed to me who you really are. Not a child of my blood, but of his!" He pointed to my father with such hatred. "This-this sorcerer! Bent on overthrowing me and stealing your mother and sister away!"

"I've got news for you sunshine! I always planned on leaving! You weren't exactly a good father!" Alex- being her usual self- explained.

"Silence!" the king shouted, not noticing that I was using my magic to weaken the barrier that surrounded my father and sister. Alex did catch this and was preparing for the moment to strike. King Michael continued as he slowly approached me, "Now, you come here, defeating my troops and showing that what I saw was indeed true. A child…born of magic. The very thing that was banned from here centuries ago. Have you come to kill me in order to rescue your mother?"

I mustered up the strength to say, "There was a time where I did view you as my father. That is why I will not kill you. Instead, I have come with a deal."

"I'm listening," he replied.

"You had a peek inside my mind and yet you blame Mother for this entire mess. You're not seeing the entire picture. It is I who is to blame for everything. Had I not existed, none of this would have happened. So I propose this: let everyone here go in peace and in return, you can take my life." I could hear my parents and sister shouting towards me, however, I did not hear their exact words. I was too focused on the king and what he would so with this proposal.

"Skye," he started saying, "it is my duty as king to eliminate any kind of threat whether that danger is to humanity or the crown. So I accept your bargain…with one adjustment. Because you were my daughter at some point and had remain loyal to me, I will not kill you. Instead, you are to remain exiled within a world that has absolutely no drop of magic. You will be forced to be alone and hide yourself entirely. If you agree to my new terms and don't attempt any kind of contact with the people you knew from this life, I swear, as king, I will let them all live and they will be free to go."

I looked to my father and sister whose expressions were begging me not to agree. I then saw Mother with the same expression as tears were once again streaming down her face uncontrollably. Turning back to the king, I said, "I accept."

"Good." The king waved to one of his advisors who brought him an orb with golden designs on it. He then threw it, smashing it to pieces on the ground. Appearing above the shards was what appeared to be another portal. "Upon learning of the magical relics hidden within the castle, this one had a note stating that it was to be used as an escape should all other attempts at fighting back against an attack fail. It will take you to a place where absolutely no magic exists. A world called Earth. This portal will close the moment someone goes through it, this being you. Now, say your quick and final goodbyes," the king said.

Such sadness was written all over my parents and Alex. I looked to all of them and said, "I love you all so much! Please, don't forget me." What else could I say? What else was there to reveal that didn't already know? All three of them were calling to me as I walked towards the portal.

Just then, one of the guards I fought awakened to see me walking towards the portal. He reached into his jacket and pulled out a wooden whistle shaped like the head of some creature. We all turned when we heard the whistle being blown. A creature then appeared from a cloud of smoke right in front of me. It was giant, covered with black scales, large horns were on the side of its head, had red eyes, wings of a bat, and claws sharp enough to cut through even the toughest of stone.

I then heard Alex shout, "No!" She used her magic to finally break the barrier surrounding her and my father. The two attempted to come to my aide, however, there was no point. The creature quickly grabbed my neck and dragged me through the portal with it. When we came out the other side, I was able to hit the creature hard enough to release its grip from my throat.


Then you know what occurred next.




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