Submitted Date 02/07/2019

Valentine's Day is a polarizing “holiday.” A cementing of a commitment for some. A capitalist, consumer-baiting scam for others. Many couples choose to skip letting a calendar or corporation tell them when and how to show their appreciation for their partners. But most give in to the saccharine ads, red and pink plushies, and push for truffles and chocolates.

Whether Valentine's Day inspires romance or induces guilt, the world knows it's a day for lovers. So what about the rest of us? Well there's no need to let Valentine's Day get you down if you're not coupled or committed. Here are 5 ways you can celebrate being single in style this February 14th.

1. Single's Day
When it comes to gift “giving” the Western world could learn a thing or two from China. In 2018 multi-millions of singletons set records by spending $30.8 billion in 24 hours on, get this, themselves! This celebration of somewhat grassroots started “Single's Day” actually hit $1 billion in under 90 seconds. With market leader Alibaba and its subsidiaries taking the lion's share of the sales, Amazon and other online giants also saw a sales spike.

The designated date of Single's Day, November 11th, uses four ones (11/11) to represent four single people. Not an exact rival of Valentine's Day, Single's Day originated similarly to the social media giant Facebook. They both started at one university then quickly spread.

So while I think all markets need to encourage more conscious and conscientious consumption, I see no reason why North America and other western cultures couldn't adopt a similar holiday. While we do have Black Friday and Cyber Monday during the Winter Holiday Season, I think it would be a positive social move to celebrate the population's single status instead of solely designating praise for those in relationships. Some singles can feel shamed by the day, as none of the usual attention and advertising is targeted to them. Plus, when you're young it kind of sucks to be the only one in your class not to receive a valentine.

So when should the west have its Single's Day? Well, not unlike Canada's Boxing Day being held the day after Christmas, Singles Day should probably be celebrated the day after Valentine's Day. Of course, you could also spend Valentine's Day with yourself and make that your Single's Day. But until it's a coordinated effort I don't see us breaking any records.

2. Galentine's/Palentine's Day
For the past few years my single girlfriends and I have used Valentine's Day as a reason to get together and gab. We catch up, sip cocktails and eat some fancy foods. There are always specials and the atmosphere is lively and fun. Since many couples will be at bars and restaurants that day you may want to make reservations far in advance or see your amigas the day before or after.

Valentine's Day isn't just for women though. Men and mixed groups deserve a fun night out, too. And there's no reason couples and singles can't mingle and spread the love together. My favorites are fondue and tapas spots.

3. Furry Family Fun
If your life partner is a furry friend, why not spend the day with them? Go ahead and get your little sweetheart a nice gift. A new toy, posh nosh, snack assortment or social appointment will show them how much you care. Well, it will entertain them and make you feel good. And if you don't want to spend, show them some extra attention and appreciation with a nice massage, or extended play or petting session.

4. Goin' Solo
You can also dedicate the lovers' day to yourself. Pamper your mind, body and spirit with a spa day, mani-pedi, massage and your favorite rich foods. Make your Valentine's day or night relaxing and luxurious. You don't need a companion to be shown love or appreciation. You can do it well all on your own.

5. Single's Events
If you're using this February 14th to find yourself a partner for next year's frisky festivities, try attending some single's events. There are plenty of mixers, speed dating functions and bar specials for singles who are searching.

Don't let a day get you down or tell you you can't participate. Valentine's Day isn't just for lovers – it's for love. No one should feel guilted into buying a giant bouquet, or shamed over their single status. There are better options to show your affections. So take your pick and enjoy your Valentine's Day.

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  • David Ross Washington Jr 2 years, 2 months ago

    The designated date of Single's Day, November 11th, uses four ones (11/11) to represent four single people.
    Wow, this is interesting. In my *Tony Baker Comedy Voice: "I Never Knew!"* I have to definitely celebrate this day, especially considering it's on my birthday month, Scorpio/Zodiac season.

  • David Ross Washington Jr 2 years, 2 months ago

    I love how you make a note to express Valentine's Day isn't for women. I love that. Sometimes our society tends to Gender-fy things as one gender or the other, when it's really open to us all as human beings to appreciate and take part in. I definitely have been celebrating more of myself lately, and I think it's very important to do so. We all deserve celebration, every day of our lives, of our successes, our struggles, and our triumph of still being here in whatever state we're in despite our struggles. It's also important that you state it's not always about the money, just spending time with a loved on (Family, friends, pet), and putting in the effort to express your love is very important; you really don't have to spend a lot of money or basically any at all to show appreciation. Great ideas for what to do on Valentine's Day. Love the article.

  • James D. 2 years, 2 months ago

    Ugh, talk about a high-pressure holiday. These are great suggestions to keep it fun for everybody!

  • Mary Jaimes-Serrano 2 years, 2 months ago

    Georgia, this is a great article. I think people often forget what it was like to be single. I for one as a married person have never forgotten what being single was like. I always try to make things inclusive of all and not to stereotype anything. For instance, Valentine's in our house is celebrated as a day for love. Not lovers. We spend the day showing love to everyone we care about and those we don't as well. This is a day to show people how important they are, no matter married, single, man, woman, green, blue, or anything else. Thank you for sharing. I love your words and thoughts. Have a fantastic weekend.