Submitted Date 04/15/2019

It was her

By: Johnlyn Medios


She was tainted with lies, regrets, and frustrations

Memories of yesterday turned into illusions

This seems to be cool, but it made her fool

Her sufferings and bruised past were like a whirlpool

There's no way out either a secret passage

to escape on

No one was there to help her out

nor have given her attention

Cried in silence with sealed lips, she survived

Stuck and surrounded with judgement and

criticisms as she lived

She kept hope as she goes on the battlefield

Knowing nothing was left to her even

secrets were revealed

Unearthed her real identity, tables turned and so on

Twisting of fate and reciprocated chances had won

Yet the old self with a strong will to live

Burned deep down covered with flames of grieve


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