Submitted Date 04/26/2019

Moments passed by without the second hand moving. And minutes turned to hours as clouds poured down rain. Time was frozen in your hands. The clock began to shake in anticipation when your child was born. Tears dripped from its face onto the hour hand. Suddenly years were gone and your child died. Yet you lived on. The future became your past when you lost all you loved, and space crashed around your heart.

As gravity receded, you let go and floated up into the atmosphere. The shine of stars followed when you called out their names. They seemed to know that you had lost yourself. You needed a savior. But to be saved you needed to be found. You were lost in your suffering as it dripped like sap from the veins in your eyes. Your skin was supple, but your soul had hardened into a mountain that could not be crushed.

Bittersweet memories crossed the highways of your mind as you rose further away. You spread your fingers as if they were wings to carry you to the sun. Love cannot live forever in the pain, and pain has become your name. You are beautiful in your anguish, and your cries are sung as music to the universe.

As the passion flowed from your fingertips, you became a thought without a word spoken from your mouth. It seemed to be a strange concept that you were real when you felt like you did not exist.

Time rose to greet you as you arrived in the otherworld. She held you in her hands and gave you comfort as you screamed. As she stroked your hair, it turned into golden rays of sunshine. The tears flowing from your eyes were diamonds in your hands, and your lips were as velvet.

Weakness left you as Time placed you back on the ground. Your back straightened in confidence and strength. You now believed in your own queenship. Standing tall in regality, you stripped yourself of all emotion that no longer served you. Becoming weak gave you strength you had not known existed. And shedding the skin you had always known made you into a creature of the gods.

Cruelty bowed before you and kindness sat at your right-hand side. Graciousness held your hand as you gave birth to your second born. You set the child upon a throne to rule over the universe. And as you brushed their hair with moonbeams, they smiled at you and kissed the tears from your eyes.

Time became your lover and stood with you as your child turned his back upon you and the pain returned. He tormented and taunted you. With your love dangled on a string, he led you back into the gloom. Twilight crept into your realm and the sun could not be felt nor remembered. The child turned into a monster of the night, and you began to see faces in the hours of darkness.

Time held you in her arms and counted the seconds as you shivered in sorrow. The child you loved was lost. You could not save his soul if he did not possess one.

For a soul to be made, one must pass into the outer boundaries of the universe. It is there that you could request one from the goddess. So to the outer world you traveled. Throwing yourself at the feet of the goddess, you beseeched her for a soul to save your son. A price was paid as you returned to the earth.

You reached for your child and placed the soul in the emptiness of his chest. Twilight faded and the stars shone through the cracks of the sky. Placing your son upon the throne, you brushed his hair with moonbeams once more.

Your love with Time was traded for your child. As she faded away, Time smiled through the veil of your despair. She knew the price you had to pay. Taking your hand, she held you in her arms and carried you home.

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