Submitted Date 10/10/2018

Walking thinking reminiscing

Traveling down the cement sidewalk

Stepping down the dirt shortcut

Approaching the brick building I call home.

As I recall

moments instances snapshots

"I'm not ready

to move on,"

But silly girl,

Of course you are.

You are ready for anything,

You are prepared for whatever comes your way,

You have been anticipating this time for a long time

And it's finally getting closer.

Still a ways off,

But nearing every moment.

Silly girl,

This is not sudden move

Having been planned for years

This is the next step in your career.

And at this time in your life

With so many positive hanged that have happened recently,

So many additions to your personal community,

Now that you have to leave them

It's harder than ever

Because you've never been in such a good place before.

But silly girl,

They won’t abandon you

And they will be here

When you return

With your same cautious mind

To their same open hearts.

At this peak in life

Things are

Good balanced happy,

But you fear things will change.

And of course they will,

Silly girl

Things always change.

But don't sit in fear of the other shoe,

For with the fall

Comes growth.

Yes it will drop,

Yes it will hurt,

But once it does

You will overcome

And become

A much happier,

Still silly


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