Submitted Date 05/03/2021

New black kings rooted in cracked foundation.

Cracker founders founded a nation

Confederation disguised as a federation

Federally regulated by federal regulators who aim for pharaoh tombs.


Everlasting wounds formed in wombs.

Protea bloom dull in color.

Pray for distraught mothers,

As I open my phone to see another



We scream for a vaccine to a racist regime

Because a brothers screams can't be heard through deaf screens

And your silence speaks volumes


Do you view us as fertilizer for your concrete jungles

Our struggle only heard through muzzles

And this American puzzle gives no benefits.

It only has white spaces for white faces to fit

Don't be different


Or you'll be forced to submit your body

For them to strip and knit

Or convict and never acquit

Or trick and trip

But to never give you a lift up their ladder that'll just put you on their starting ground


It's as if our voices our only good for your rhythmic sounds

You love to hear us sing but don't wanna hear us cry

You love to see us dance but don't care to see us die

It's as if I can only get your attention when my body is being carried into the sky


Fly High


My brothers and sisters who were taken too soon

Your termination will be our motivation to push out discrimination

Because all this talk of acceptance and toleration seems to be mute.

See this revolution will surely lose if walls are the only thing that can keep us in the same room


So look at this human and recognize my humanity

Recognize this man in me

Recognize my nation's creations and stand with solidarity

No need for white salvation or installation of white dictation disguised as charity


Because the disparity of punishment severity is not a rarity

But a regularity

It's scaring me

That I can clearly see my people on the screen yelling "I can't breathe" but you don't have enough clarity!...


I need more than therapy.


to stop waking up to a nightmare everytime I dream.


Because a brothers screams



Can't be heard through deaf screens




And your silence speaks volumes


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