Submitted Date 03/09/2019

Looking for a new binge watch? Let’s be real, we all are. As a media student, television is my life. Here are my recommendations for the best streaming shows that are binge watch worthy!


High Maintenance: (Comedy, Storytelling, Anthology)

My #1 recommendation for fun and emotional HBO show is about a weed dealer in New York City. Not into stoner comedy? No worries! High Maintenance is not about weed, it is a show about people. Stories about the people you pass by on the busy streets of the best city in the world. The weed dealer (never named-- know as “The Guy”) is simply the connection between all of these interesting characters. Think of it as an anthology series with each episode about different human, with a different story. The episodes come with comedy, fun celebrity appearances, and emotional and relatable storylines.

Available to watch on HBO.

Abducted in Plain Sight: (Crime Documentary)

If you are interested in crime documentaries, or unresolved mysteries that you can binge watch… this is the show for you. The show tells the story of a young girl in 1974 who was abducted by a family friend. However, there is much more to it… that I would be dying to spoil to you. But you will have to find out yourself!

Available to watch on Netflix.

You’re the Worst: (Modern Romantic Dark Comedy)

One of the most underrated dramatic comedies to come from FXX in a very long time. This begins when two characters that you would hate in real life (but love to watch on TV) meet at a wedding and have an immediate-- yet confusing attraction. Each character is dynamic and the development through each season makes you feel more and more close to them. The show addresses mental health and other serious topics, but with elements of dark comedy you will laugh and cry.

Available to watch on Hulu and your TV provider streaming site.

The Good Place: (Comedy)

This brilliant show from the creator of Parks and Recreation approaches the most serious topic one can, in a hysterical fashion. The story starts with someone waking up after their death, welcomed by in the office of “The Good Place” aka what some might consider being heaven or another version of the afterlife. The show also incorporates a philosophical perspective that will make you feel educated while also confused and filled with laughter.

Available to watch on Hulu, Netflix, and your TV provider streaming site.

Love Island: (Reality, Romance, Competition, British)

If you are a reality television addict, this show is like the Olympics of reality dating shows. Almost like a combination of Bachelor in Paradise and Big Brother, but with British accents. Basically, they put a bunch of U.K. babes into a villa where they live for the summer, coupling up with one another. As new people babes come in, new couples form and those who are left single have to leave the show. Not only this, but people also leave based on public voting as the episodes air. If you love drama, hookups, and competitions-- this show will keep binging for weeks. Not to mention each season has an insane amount of episodes and four seasons available.

Available to watch on Hulu.


Hopefully, you enjoyed my suggestions and now have a binge watch marathon to relax and look forward to. Check out my WriteSpike page for more articles and feel free to comment your thoughts!

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