Submitted Date 03/26/2019

amongst the trees and the plants and the sun and the breeze,

'round the flowers and bugs and birds and bees,

a little cricket chirped to me and said,

“this is the day that i most dread.”


i looked at him softly and and reached out a hand,

his small, quivering legs jumped out of the sand,

he sat in my palm and looked at me,

as i told him, “it'll be fine, you'll see.”


he was a troublesome guy, all wrapped up in drama,

from his enemies, to his fears, to his runaway mama.

he moped through his life and his pain and his strife,

while i did my best to cheer him and share the goodness of the world that was rife.


i told him of the sun and the moon he could watch everyday,

and the glories of mother nature that would never go away,

and i reminded him of love, and friendship, and joy,

and how he could have all of this if he weren't so coy.


he shivered and shook as he was a tiny fellow,

and picked up himself and proclaimed quite mellow,

“you're right, i don't need to complain,

i merely need to enjoy things and not cause so much strain.”


he hopped from my hand and gave me a smile,

and nodded his head as he walked off in style.

it's been a few days and i haven't seen him,

but i know, just know, that he's been happy since.


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