Submitted Date 04/18/2022

Lasting to last


I with you built a love from nothing to create a sturdy wall with only the most beautiful views.


Each brick we put forth acquainted with a memory of our life.


We chose this path together, a life we wanted together. Our hearts touched perfectly aligned.


I look at these walls we built and still see the most beautiful views.


Each time I look I am no longer always surrounded by you. You come and go less and less as each day goes by.


We still hold each other in precious embrace. And even at your most busiest you still make time.


I finally built a door, so I do not have to climb this wall anymore. To enter and go always taking in the view.


Each memory replays here creating a new star of some kind.


We, together, a love untainted by rules. We made a love that people look for lifetimes to find.


-Alvaro A Cardoza-




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