Submitted Date 10/16/2019

"Life is shit and then you die"

But is that all there is?

What does it mean to live?

Are those words really true in all its despair?

"She lived a beautiful life"

Annie Le's brother said of his sister

Annie Le indeed was beautiful, as well academically achieved , charitable and powerful with potential


Enjoying her active social life, loved by so many


Despite whatever her obstacles


She overcame them all

Enjoying the sprinklings of happiness

And then


At the young age of 24 , the promising life she painstakingly planned is snatched out of her hands


And out of this world she could have helped

But still it's true


She lived a beautiful life

Henrietta Lacks was also young and beautiful , with a generous heart but she lived a hard life


She was born into a world full of racial injustice


But she made do

Enjoying the sprinklings of happiness along the way

And then


She too dies at a young age, leaving her small ones motherless

This planet will go on and on and on


And us , the human inhabitants

We live


Meeting our milestones


Carrying out the age old cycle of life and death


Both natural and unnatural

What does it mean to live?

Someone wise once said

" Live and love


And when it ends


It ends"



Understanding of human existence


And meaning in humanity


Needs only be as simple as that


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  • Rick Doble 5 months, 1 week ago

    Our awareness of death is one of the burdens of being human -- it is the price of consciousness.