Submitted Date 04/21/2019

Movement aids desire in seeking its passions, and light will come only when it has been asked. For if you feel what is wrong, you will die. And if you choose to see the right, you will fade away.

What makes us different is how we choose to love. If we choose not to love, we shall vanish and become nothing in the void of it all.

It is when the rain pours down upon our faces, we comprehend the fullness of what we see. The rain washes away the grime and dust our souls suck in. We are vacuums placed upon a planet that twirls with the desire of the ages.

Our lust carries us on until we have found a place to rest. We become ourselves once again and start over.

When we dream, we see that which is not. And when we wake, we realize that all that was is simply a fantasy created in the eyes of our soul.

Calm yourself, or you will never see that you have only just begun the journey through the delicious shades of the world. Feed upon your darkness to create your own river of life. And the flowers that bloom will be black and white like the colors of your eyes.

Mirrors are the portals through which we pass to move onto the new planets. They shimmer in the starlight and reflect our desire to find our Utopia. Yet Utopia is a place in which not even our own spirits can stay. To be in a world so pure when we ourselves can never be pure is to vomit on the moon.

Stardust will show us what we wish to see if we ask nicely. Yet we demand to have that which we cannot, and we are thrown down upon the soil of our demise.

Our very beings throb with the anticipation of the touch of another. And yet we push them away if they have desired to come to close to who we are. We replace what we need with all that we believe we want. But our beliefs are wrong and our desires are shallow.

I can hear the light leaving your mouth, and your face spews the disgust of your soul. The prints upon your skin suggest a voyage that was taken alone with only the thought of another upon your fingers.

Your thoughts taste like honey upon my lips as I drink from your veins. I become drunk off your emotions as you kiss life into me.

The world has chased us far away and made us to be what we are not. So I cut us apart and into pieces we fall. We are placed upon a platter and carved into the table. Our essence will be here for eternity. Our souls float on the winds of time and sink in the ocean of love and contempt.

I leave you behind as I show a taste for my body. I make a new shape as I writhe together and become one with myself. And in the dirt I crawl to lie back at your feet.

We take a picture in front of the store window as we stare at our reflections. I touch the glass and kiss my face. Tongue on tongue; I hope to taste my own sweat. The ocean stares at me in the distance. I will never be the same. I just want to hold our beating hearts together once more and feel the dust we created.

Eternity has a way of showing that blood only seeps from wounds that are self-inflicted, and purity is made from within.

Woven strands of your hair created the stairway into the heavens. The masses clawed their way up when you showed your skin, and I tasted the breath of air you sent out on the winds.

I cannot be eternal while immortal, so I must give myself away to the branches of the tree. My fruit cannot fall but shall only be plucked. If you had only asked, I would have given you the most tender. But you grabbed without permission and my Utopia was no more. We blended so well. Our souls intertwined into illumination, and we shone.

I did not follow my own wishes. We dove after the passions that sat upon the earth while all else looked on from the clouds above. Shadows poured down dew upon the grass, and we left our imprints upon it.

The freshness of the dew brought out the creatures of the forest, and we reveled in their majesty. As the moon blessed us with her wishes, we fell asleep in her arms. We were cradled from the darkness of ourselves until the morning light.

Our light was responsive only to the ugly in us. And so we became goddesses of the worlds no one saw. Piercing sounds penetrated the atmosphere and brought us to our knees. Bloody and beaten to a new structure, we were lost.

Grab my hand that I may lead you further into the hole that I have dug. It will bring us to safety. If you trust me, I will put on a show for you. And when we are alone, our heart jewels will shine for one another.

Crystals reflect all that I have desired for you as I am dragged away by my selfishness. My eternal heart wants only the mortal flesh.

Please hold my hand as I give us away. Remember who we once were as I throw us into the fire. Kiss my passion and taste my lips as we are covered in the graveyard.

I will throw a white linen over your form and whisper my enchantments in your ear as we give way to lust yet again. And the stars will fall from the night sky as the moon mourns us. Our hearts are torn apart never to be mended. Let us writhe into one once more as I leave.

Our eternity will not last.

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