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This month is national adopt a cat month, and if you're planning to adopt a new fabulous feline, there are going to be some things you're going to need. Sure, we all think about food, food and water dishes, litter, and other everyday items. However, there are other things you will need that you may not think of.

1. Food-When you take your new cat to the vet, ask them what kind of food they should be on. Some cats can eat food bought at the store while others have to have a prescription diet. If your cat has to be on prescription food, don't freak out. I buy my prescription food from Chewy, which costs a little bit less than buying it from the vet.

2. Food and water dishes-The kind of dishes you buy is essential. Plastic bowls hold onto bacteria and can cause feline acne. How do I know this? My cat Carlton had a puffy lip due to feline acne, and the vet told me only to buy stainless steel dishes. They are easier to clean and don't hold onto bacteria as easily. NOTE: I prefer a gravity pet waterer this way I don't have to worry about Colin running out of water.

3. Litter Box-There are all kinds of litter boxes on the market. I prefer to get a large, low-sided, Sterilite box to use for a litter box. This makes it much easier for big cats to do their business.

4. Litter Genie-This is one of the most beautiful things on the planet, and I only started using it last year. Oh, how I wish I knew about it sooner. A litter genie works just like a diaper genie, it has a bag in it, and you scoop the chunks and put them in it. One bag will catch about two weeks of "business." The actual roll lasts about two months, and you can get multiple refills on Chewy. No more trips to the garbage every day. It's fantastic!

5. Broom & Dustpan-If, your new cat, throws litter as mine does, you will be using these every day in your bathroom.

6. Flea n Tick Treatment-I prefer Frontline flea n tick for Colin, but you can talk over with your vet what they think is best.

7. Carrier-A carrier is essential to have on hand for emergencies and trips to the vet. I bought one on Chewy that opens on top, and I love it. I can pick up Colin and "drop" him in. No more fighting to put his end in and hurry to zip it up.

8. Crate-Having a small to medium size crate is helpful to have on hand too. This way, if there is something you don't want them to get into until you clean it up or the management of your apartment complex is coming in while you're gone during the day, they will be safe.

9. Cat Tree-A cat tree is significant for your new cat. They need to have a place to jump and climb on that is their very own. This will distract them from climbing all over your furniture. Don't worry; you don't have to buy some huge tree. I purchased a lovely cat tree for Colin last Christmas for around $60 on Chewy. It is stable, sturdy, and he loves it.

10. Cat Toy-I wouldn't get too crazy with toys at first until you find out what your cat likes. However, the shelter may be able to tell you. Colin likes balls, a stuffed toy called a wubba, and catnip-stuffed mice.

11. Cat Toy Box-This doesn't have to be an expensive purchase at all. A simple cloth box will do. I got a "toy box" at a discount store (Gordman's) in the pet section for $10. If your cat has a lot of toys, this is a Godsend, no more stepping on or almost falling over balls at night.

12. Ear Cleaner-It's good to clean your cat's ears about once every two weeks or so. The cleaner is about $8-$10, and all you have to do is soak a cotton ball, squeeze the excess into their ears, massage the ear, and then use a dry cotton ball to wipe the wax out. This is not one of Colin's favorite things to do; therefore, we have the next item on our list.

13. Treats-First off let me start by saying I am not a big fan of having treats on hand. Treats lead to fat cats. I know. However, I do keep a small bag on hand as a reward for ear cleaning or to distract Colin if I need to.

14. Collar-Make sure you get a collar for your new cat.

15. Tags-Make sure you have a tag on your cat's collar with his/her name, your name, address, and phone number. If there is room and you have other adults in your household, add their phone numbers too.

16. Microchip-If you adopt from a shelter, your cat will be microchipped. However, if you don't adopt from a shelter, make sure you have your vet implant a microchip in your new cat. It can make the difference between being lost forever and being found and isn't that expensive.

17. Cat Bed-Okay, we all know that cats love to sleep anywhere they want. However, not everyone wants a cat in their bed. This is why it's a good idea to buy your cat a bed. The chances of them using it? 50/50. But hey, it's worth a shot.

Adopting a cat is one of the best things you will ever do. They are so much fun to have around. I hope this list will help you before, and after you adopt so, you will know what you need. With this list, you will be all set up with the purrfect home for your new cat.


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  • David Ross Washington Jr 2 years, 6 months ago

    These are definitely necessities, my cat though will always just sleep in my bed, and she does not care for treats, nor cat toys. She's so picky. She's somewhere between cat, dog, and human, lol. Love the article. I know this will be helpful to many.

    • Carrie Lowrance 2 years, 6 months ago

      Thank you, David. Our cat sleeps wherever he wants as well. He's not super big on toys but he loves treats and his cat tree. :)

  • Kiersten Felch 2 years, 6 months ago

    My cats need food, water, and half the space of our king sized bed lol. It's the little things

    • Carrie Lowrance 2 years, 6 months ago

      Yep. Ours sleeps between us in our queen size bed. He usually snuggles up to my husband and hogs his side. :) However, when I get up in the morning he jumps up on my side while I'm in the shower and sleeps until noon.