Submitted Date 05/04/2021

And wanting have a character with a feel that fits into Smash is a lot tougher than you are making it out. It isn't just about the move set not being complex, about the personality feeling like they belong in this smash-ified universe, while nevertheless being recognizably that character. Perhaps this is a more obscure thought than that I could get round, so let me attempt using an example. You ever seen gameplay for PlayStation All-Stars? While all of the characters in that game are recognizably these characters, the way they move in the game, the way they fight, how they play off of each other, only... does not really do the job. Something about it always seems, and does not quite feel as a cohesive game. It simply feels out of place. And that is what I am talking about; making a balance at which a character is recognizably nevertheless the personality they are, while also making them feel"right" in the circumstance of a celebration fighting game similar to this.

No matter if you agree or not, Sakurai clearly didn't feel like he could pull off that balance in Brawl and Smash 4 together with Ridley, but was totally aware of his importance (hence his status a supervisor ). Possibly something changed, or perhaps only Sakurai thought about it a little tougher, but he did come around to finding that right balance for Ultimate.People are just tired of Ninteno's increasing failure to deliver. Their Direct announcements have been yawnworthy. Switch is SUCH a cool system but it feels underutilized due to their important IP. Lots of small indie games and quirky Japanese ports. Remakes of games nobody asked for, without a remakes of those people are asking for. They just seem utterly deaf to their fanbase, and not just that, HOSTILE for their fanbase in many ways (shutting down fan mods of matches, DMCAing youtubers, the smash controversy, etc ).

It's just difficult to a lot of individuals to see among their favourite game businesses languish like this, myself included. It feels like you are cheated purchasing this system and hardly any significant franchise/AAA titles are published on it.

I agree. I wonder why this is occurring. Can it be Iwata dying? Reggie leaving? Or only an overall change in company attitude? It's really disappointing. I used to appreciate how they appeared to care more about creating entertaining games instead of just cash. It just feels as though the spark has gone. I am hoping it comes back. .

Completely agree. I had been confident that Nintendo would understand the expectations that could include announcing a 50 minute general direct rather than using the"miniature" qualifier or even just doing several of these statements via twitter like they have been performing for the last year. They sincerely seem to think that guide was worth the year+ wait and we still haven't gotten any info on important franchises like you mentioned, and somehow got a 2022 date to get a sequel to a game which really does not need one. Splatoon 2 felt like an expansion than worthy of becoming a full fledged sequel, however, figured they would do exactly what they do using Smash and kart and launch one per console, but now they are just giving us a different one that most probably won't be different and probably would have been served as a growth than a complete online sequel. Meanwhile no Metroid news. Not even a remaster announcement which people have been claiming was arriving for like 3 decades now I think.

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