Submitted Date 07/04/2019

This verse is technically a complete sentence but it is not the complete thought conveyed by Paul in this passage. The rest of the sentence says, ". . . and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus." (Verse 7) So let's break down what he was trying to convey.

Years ago I read a book titled, Happiness Is a Choice. The point of that book was the same thing Paul opens up the verse with. When you have difficult circumstances, you have a choice whether or not to worry, to be filled with anxiety over them. Circumstances are what they are. Rather than worry, he says, our response must be to take those circumstances to our heavenly Father and let Him know our requests - what we understand to be the best outcome - and thank Him for watching over us.

What is meant by, "prayer and supplication"? As I understand it, prayer is the general communication with God; asking, listening, communing with Him. Supplication is a more fervent form of prayer, where one is not just asking but is crying out for intervention. Prayer, as a matter of course, will include thanksgiving. Paul here says our supplication should also include thanksgiving.

What is the result of approaching your crises in this manner, as opposed to fretting over them? Peace. Not just calmness, but the peace of God. This is an assurance which is beyond what anyone could possibly anticipate. More important, this peace will protect the emotions (heart) and thoughts (mind) of the believer who will so commit.

What are you facing? Cry out to God. He cares and with your participation, He will give you assurance to face the future. The Holy Spirit is there to help you and show you the way.

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