Submitted Date 12/08/2019

Oh, the holidays. What a stressful and magical time, and maybe mostly stressful due to gift giving and money spending and family gatherings and planning and all the in between. You either love it or you have a tension headache almost daily. There's lots of gifts to give or cards to write for some people. Doesn't it suck when every time you ask anyone what they want they say anything, or nothing? I've come up with some gifts that might fit the bill for looking thoughtful but being affordable, and as someone who thinks supporting small businesses or businesses that care about their consumers and the environment, I've come up with a few things that might be helpful for some people.

Small businesses

I personally have my own shop on Etsy, and have had it since 2015. I've seen designs and products be copied later on by bigger brands for more money, which is pretty darn heartbreaking. I think it's always worth it to support small businesses, even if it's a little extra money, it's extra money to help support someone and their dreams. Holiday cheer given both ways. So I think it's great to browse around Etsy for some products, and I think it's also great because many shops offer custom orders, where you can request something that is and was never on their shop, or to get engraved products like wallets and rings. It's personal, and I love how handmade items are all unique in their own ways, no one item is exactly the same. How neat is that? If you value the thought in a gift, then tada, why not give a heartwarming thing made with love? Here are some gems I found:

This cute potato keychain gift to give to your significant other, friend, or family member. How adorable are they?

You can find these at a shop called GalateaKawaiiJewelry on Etsy.

I've also personally purchased these cute little baby avocadoes and can say they are so adorable and worth every penny. They're from jimandbuns on Etsy:

A little bit more on the pricier side, but a completely custom and one of a kind thoughtful and beautiful gift is from SatsumaOrange on Etsy. This shop offers a custom portrait, you select your style and add personalization. I also want to add that it's completely encouraged to message shops and shop owners about custom products and working with them more to get your envisioned project. That's why Etsy is so unique and great for gift giving!

Here's an example of the finished product, but I encourage you to take a look at their shop yourself, because they have lots of different examples like married couples and pets added to the mix.

Okay what about something useful but still thoughtful and personal? How about a spoon? Yes, a spoon. RoyalSpoons on Etsy offers spoons with personalized text and (bonus points) and offered gift wrap options to make life even more easier for all the busy bees this holiday season. Look how cute this Nutella spoon is:

I highly recommend doing some searching on Etsy for some personalized engraved products. Spoons are such a simple yet cute idea, and hey, every time they pick it up to use it they'll probably think of you, and they'll probably be extra excited to eat that Nutella or Ice Cream or whatever else.

This shop on Etsy: VelvetPrint, offers custom star chart's that can be framed and hung as a beautiful art piece and décor in any house, anywhere. It's both a awesome holiday gifting idea or anniversary/birthday gift. They offer an anniversary option, too. You can get a custom chart of what the stars looked like in the sky on your wedding day, on your birthday, on your anniversary day, the options are endless. This is something that I think is so heartwarming. Once again, this is a little on the pricier side, but it also is completely unique and one of a kind. There's not going to be anything else like it that you can just simply pick up and buy like that random candle in any shop.

Any other personalized products are great ideas, like engraved rings, which you can gift with their names on it or a encouraging quote. Etsy shops have endless options for rings with a wide range of price ranges for anyone's budget. Some shops even offer an option to engrave the inside of the ring rather than the outside for a more personal and intimate quote.

If the person you are gifting is a book worm, Etsy has awesome options for them. From mugs to candles to vintage books, you can probably find it.

This lil guy is for Sylvia Plath lovers and taken from her novel The Bell Jar. It's from my shop, Melssie, and can be put anywhere. I'm also sure you'd be able to find a shop that offers personalized stickers, and there are crazy amounts of shops on Etsy that focus just on stickers, rather than mine which bonces from stickers to clothing to jewelry. There are so many options!

I encourage you to scope out some fun products on Etsy for this holiday season, spread some cheer with thoughtful gifts and supporting artists, why not?


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