Submitted Date 01/07/2019

I was the dishes while my mother roams around

behind me like a buzzing bee.

I felt her approaching me from behind,

like a shadow passing over me,

and she starts talking.

We bicker about the silliest thing

and like a drizzle of rain from the sky

I felt a drop land on my arm.

Is it from the faucet as I rinse the plate in my hand?

No, it is water being flicked at me

from my mother standing next to me.

Of course I flick back,

reciprcating the childish gesture.

Back anf forth we toss water across the room,

ultimately escalating to throwing a whole cup

filled with water

at my mother.

The grand finale,

a cannonball spalsh with the jerk of my wrist,

inatantly soaking my mother's magenta pink shirt

and igniting blasts of laughter from us both.

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