Submitted Date 09/10/2018

A real story told me by a friend when I was  in rehab for a hip operation

The bug was the most beautiful 
thing he had ever seen
he thought
-- The thought more like 
someone speaking to him 
instead of thinking it himself --

The bug turned and he turned with it

It must be a beetle
he thought

It was as though 
he was looking through a microscope -- 
he could see every detail
the rainbow colors on its back
that changed as the light changed
the hair on its legs 
that he never would have seen otherwise

It was as though 
they were suspended in time
he thought

So he would take hours 
if that's what it took
to study this insect
to really get to know it

Just then the beetle looked 
directly into his eyes
and for a moment 
he thought
they both understood

Still weightless they continued to turn

The van rolling one more time
before it landed upside down 
in a ditch and 
began to fill with water

And then he and the bug fell hard
down onto the ceiling

Photo is from,_back,_upper_marlboro,_md_2014-06-04-13.25.12_ZS_PMax_(14372942103).jpg



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