Submitted Date 09/23/2019

As summer ends and fall moves in, hot days will sprinkle their way into the cool Autumn air. As we transition into the holiday season, you can still take advantage the unseasonably warm weather when it comes around. Here are six ways to keep cool and still have some summer fun, even when it's cooling off outside.

1. Water Parks
Some water parks stay open until late September and October in warmer parts of the US. And better yet, they get less crowded and have better deals. If you want full access to the whole park with short wait times, try visiting your favorite water parks closer to the end of the season. But make sure to check their open and closed dates online.

2. Aquariums
Captive animals may hit a nerve with some, but artificial habitats with a primary focus on saving animals instead of the spectacle are good ways to beat the heat. Circuses are now out of style, but you can still visit animal sanctuaries, preserves, rescues and rehab centers to finish out your summer vacation. Zoos can be hit or miss in this regard. But with a little research you can find out which zoos specialize in animal protection and education rather than profit.

3. Indoor Concerts
Listening to good music can brighten up any day. And getting to see your favorite artists live and can make your summer. Find out when and where your favorite bands and artists are playing and make a date of it. Invite friends, family or a partner and share in the fun.

4. Comedy Clubs
Get your laugh on with some stand-up comedy acts. Most venues serve food and/or drinks so get in a chuckle or two and unwind as the summer winds down.

5. Museums
Whether its history, natural, culture or art, museums can make a great escape on a warm summer day. Most have free or reduced entrance fees a few times each month. And memberships come with some nice perks.

6. Expos
Convention centers and other large locations hold expos year round. But the air conditioning feels amazing on hot summer days. Do some digging a get a ticket to a tech, beauty, wedding, health, or other conventions to round out the summer experience.

Finding refuge indoors on warm days can be a difficult if you don't just want to stay home or visit your local watering hole for 100th time. These ideas can break up the monotony and keep you from breaking a sweat this and every summer to come.

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