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Hello again about zero waste. I wanted to elaborate on my last post with some things that really catapulted me towards the lifestyle, things that seemed like fun projects or great changes to my daily products and routines.

For me, beauty products are probably the biggest expense I’ve had going on since I was probably twelve. The first makeup product I bought was mascara, and later eyeliner. There are so many mascaras on the market, too, and for some reason I had these weird obsessions with wanting to try them all. I wanted to find the best one for me, but accumulated all too much, and one was never good enough. Crazy really, I wasn’t no youtube blogger trying to do reviews and help people, I had no income for this crazy expense!

Later, (you know the drill), I got into foundations, primers, lipsticks, you name it. Not only was it sucking up my money…but these products are all packaged in so much plastic!

I’m lucky to have previously lived by a bulk store dedicated to just bulk products, and not food products, but home stuff. They had a little jar for people to come and drop off their used and old mascara wands. These things really don’t do no goodness for the planet. I believe they used those recycled wands to help animals, as little brushes for their hairs and such.

I had bought one expensive mascara, which I saved the bottle to. Which is also a good alternative if you’re not into investing in charcoal powder or anything, you can cash out on an expensive mascara product that is delivered in a metal or glass bottle. However, what I found is that most of the solutions are the same, so it be mostly paying for the packaging (again).

I started out small so here are some changes I made with my beauty routine…

Foundation/foundation powder:

Who doesn’t use this, or use some sort of powder? If you don’t, hi, you are blessed. I like to use powder, but to make a paste all you must do is add one more ingredient.

There’s a lot of different recipes on the internet for such things…but I wanted to keep it mostly simple. IF you want, you can mix together different powders, such as cornstarch/arrowroot with bentonite clay, but you don’t need bentonite clay. I can also elaborate on why all these ingredients are good for your skin on a different post, but for now, say hello to a new foundation powder!

Measurements are a thing of the past, its really very simple and I’m sure you have these things on hand.

The base is cornstarch, I like arrowroot powder. Get a small jar and add as many spoonfulls as you want, because that will be how much product you have. Then all you have to do is add some cocoa or cacoa powder to darken it up. Do this slowly and mix so you see how dark you want it. I like to add cinnamon and nutmeg because I feel like it gives it depth in the color and also I love the smell. You can add bentonite, I would do a tsp or more depending on the amount of arrowroot you’ve added. SO, you can stop here if you’d like, but I add about two to three drops of jojoba or any face oil you have. You could even grab your olive oil and add a bit. This is because the powder is very loose, so you want to make sure you tap your brush before putting it on your face, the oil tightens it up a bit. If you want, you can add a bunch more oil or water to make it into a paste.

For eyeliner, I have a old contact case I use to hold one side with charcoal powder. What I do is I dip my eyeliner brush in water, dip it into the charcoal side, and then brush some off on the empty side of the contact case. This stuff is irritating to my eyes when I try to put it on dry, it falls and does not have much stick! You can prepare your own paste with oil or coconut oil as well, if you’re not into the dry powder.

Tip: I’ve found, though, that just using water helps it stick better, oil tends to make it rub off, ya know? Double this up into more of a paste for mascara.

Here’s when that baking soda thing comes in now…I use baking soda for toothpaste. I also use my charcoal powder and bentonite clay for the mixture. So SEE, charcoal and bentonite used in all these recipes! Buying these things bulk is awesome, and worth it. (And baking soda will be used in the mouthwash recipe!)

So for my toothpaste, I’m not really all about measurements again. I only put a small bit of baking soda (because this stuff is S-A-L-T-Y!), so a half tsp. The majority is bentonite clay and coconut oil where I use a good ½ a tbsp or so and add a tsp or half of a tsp of charcoal powder. Then a tbsp of coconut oil You can also add a pinch of Himalayan salt, this stuff is good for the teeth, too.

For my mouthwash (which feels so refreshing, it’s crazy), I do a bottle of water with a pinch of Himalayan salt, probably a few tsp of baking soda (remember, this is dependent on how big of a bottle you are using), and then a 2-3 drops of peppermint essential oil. I also have this essential oil that’s a blend of cinnamon and clove, which I like to add. I’m a cinnamon kinda gal.

These things have helped simplify my life so much in the beuty department! I also do a good ol apple cider vinegar wash for my hair, usually once every few weeks, and use a shampoo bar. I’m not a huge fan of conditioner because my hair is long and it weighs it down.

Other things, which are more of purchases than DIY’s (like the shampoo bar), include dry brushing and a sea sponge to replace the plastic loofah, and a straight edge razor, which I recommend highly to replace the disposable ones. These last longer, they shave way better and are just overall fantastic. This is coming from a girl who has very thick and coarse hair on her legs! I also shave my arms, and my blades last longer than any disposable ever has. I used to use men’s razors because I just felt like they were sharper, but a straight edge is the way to go!

Small steps like these really brought some passion and fun in me to continue making my own products. I also recommend buying castile soap, because that can be used for a lot of other things. I use lavender Castile as a face wash, cleaning agent, and body wash sometimes.

More to come!

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