Submitted Date 12/14/2019

We are trained to be constantly busy. It starts within the structure of our school system, then our jobs, and pours into us subconsciously through what we willingly, and unwillingly, consume.


Our capitalist society pushes us to produce, serve, and essentially become a commodity. Hustle, then die a slow death so the pharmaceutical industry can extract whatever funds you have left.


It's easy to get caught up in the current of our lives. Type A personality? Magnify that.

If your goal is to find more time for yourself remember to start slow. Sometimes this takes patience and exploration. Leave room for both.


Start by setting 30 minutes aside to sit with a moment. Avoid planning anything in particular. Penciling in time to do a specific activity can end up being another task on your list. Think of it as a blank space in your schedule. Here's an hour of--blank--don't make a specific plan.


Be present, then let your mind wander. Ask yourself, "What would I like to do right now?" Then indulge in whatever you'd like. Sit with yourself and daydream while looking out the window, write, watch the birds, listen to a podcast, read a book--whatever. Let yourself be spontaneous. There's pleasure in that.


It will take some practice. This is important work and is healthy for your brain.


If lists work for you, write one. List the things you need to do. Pull them out of your brain and prioritize them: urgent, high, medium, and low.


Get your urgent tasks done as needed. Anything that can wait, let it wait.


If that's not appealing or you already have a handle on what must get done ASAP, there's no need for the list.


The next step is to get your mental scissors out. This might take some time, so don't rush it if you aren't ready. Cut responsibilities out of that list.

That might require a pros and cons list. Is this necessary? Is there a way for me to delegate this? Can I just eliminate it from my life?

The more things you snip, the more freedom you'll feel. Don't go crazy pruning unless you're ready to replace the plant (doesn't sound like that's what you want), but pruning makes room for growth--or helps direct a plant where you want it to go.

Always remember: you are worthy. This life is a gift and is too precious to let yourself get swept away in the current dictated by society and by our families. Sometimes all it takes is one quiet moment with yourself to evaluate this. We can help others and the world better when we help ourselves first.

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