Submitted Date 06/30/2019

The thirst of a million planets swirling in our hearts will wait for no man. Liberation is not what it seems, yet without it we are but slaves to the desire of others. For some, slavery is their own sort of freedom. Yet for the ones whose hearts burn brighter than the sun, only pure liberating freedom is acceptable.

Being acceptable in the hearts of men is an idea that so many of us crave. Yet, we seem to lack the ability to be acceptable to our own hearts. Why prize what does not matter? We throw ourselves in the trash and hope that someone else will be there to dig us out when our bright shining day comes. But there will never be someone to drag us from the rubbish. The only way out is to dig.

For many, digging is not an option as it requires that they dirty their hands. But some of us enjoy playing in the dirt. And for others, there is no choice. To scrape away the dirt is the only means of breath to their lungs. And without the determination of their souls, they will suffocate beneath the waste of a million lies.

Not all will be victorious in their seeking of freedom. Many will die on the battlefront. But for those, the flag will forever wave for at least they fought valiantly. Their breaths were forced from them, but they did not give them away willingly.

Let us not be crushed to death by the weight of our own woes. Let us not wait for others to create our desires. Seize the moment and the day. Take every single second of each moment, and hold it near to our hearts so that we may breathe the air of release once more. And may we always know that the only ones who can set our hearts to roam in that dreamland we seek....well, that's ourselves.

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  • Kiersten Felch 9 months, 1 week ago

    Your word flow is always so strong!

  • Rick Doble 9 months, 1 week ago

    As you write brave citizens in Hong Kong are risking everything and four have died. I was in the civil rights movement years ago and we never knew what kind of violence we might face.