Submitted Date 02/04/2020

Never spoken, never flinched, never broken, never fixed.

Always alone, silent, and sick

With no antidote to fix.


Feeling on flesh, bit on the neck,

No scar visible to prove.

She withers away by light of day,

The darkness is what fills her shoes.


She can't see, she can't hear, she's invisible to the world.

Till late one day, he takes her away

Then all of her thoughts become heard.


Its a whirlwind of light, life, and fun

It latches onto her hand.

She sees what its like to be alive,

And grabs someone else's hand.


They dance and they sing till the new morning breaks and

she touches the lips on her face.

They're twisted and curled, this look is absurd,

She screams and then runs away.


She stares through the mirror, her face is flushed

She's throwing herself against the wall.

This isn't allowed, she rushes to leave, when her face is no longer hers.


What a mistake to think that this break was anything she would deserve.

The smile's not hers, the feelings all flee, and her death-filled eyes return.


As he walks away on that beautiful day, his eyes well up with tears.

"Why must you leave me?" he screams through a cry.

"What did I do to you?"


She brushes him off and simply says,

"Silly, its not me, its you."

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