Submitted Date 03/01/2019

My body frozen over as if I’ll never be able to move again.

The thoughts racing through my mind as I try to refocus.

The hatred building up inside like a raging fire.

I close my fist, tightening it until my nails dig into my skin and draw blood.

I close my eyes, trying desperately to channel my anger into slow breathing.

Forcing myself to keep my mouth shut and my ears deaf.

I slowly steady my breath as I stand there with two fists clenched.

My breathing slows, my heartbeat quiets, and I slowly re-open my eyes,

My first inhale is cut short as I re-enter the world.

I am instantly brought back.

My ears begin to feel warm to the touch, my teeth are biting into my tongue.

My back feels like it could shatter from rigidity.

I force myself once again to shut down the world around me and relax.

In front of me is what rages me so.

In front of me is the epitome of what I never want to be, what I never want to know of ever again.

But beyond that is where I need to go.

Just a tiny bit past is happiness, joy, and eternity.

I reopen my eyes for the second time with an open mind and I push past it.

I stay focused and calm and I manage my way out just fine.

Now I am free.

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  • Tomas Chough 4 months, 1 week ago

    Inspiring as always Grace! I love how you describe that internal struggle but end it with a positive outcome. Very hopeful!

  • Nina Appasamy 4 months ago

    Your writing is so deep and incredible. I really enjoy reading all of your pieces! Keep up the good work!

  • Miranda Fotia 3 months ago

    Very powerful! Thanks for sharing!