Submitted Date 06/02/2019

As life moves on
So we accept the fate
That the world is not kind
And that love does not last

And yet we strive
We learn to survive
We move on
Although we are stuck in the past

The history of us
Does not define us
It simply shapes us
Into being something new

And so a new life begins
A life of wonder
The wonder that fills us
A wonder that bleeds us dry

We can never be free from the pain of life
We can never choose to part from it
It will always reside in the unconscious
But yet we can become new

We contradict ourselves
We live one way and believe another
We love one way and lust another

The irony of life is what makes it beautiful
The hell of it all is what makes it heaven
Ecstacy on our tongues
The blood in our veins

Seeing beyond the veil
Waltzing through the halls
Feeling till we see
That life is not an object
Life is not a choice
It is not inanimate because it cannot exist on its own

Life is within us
Reality is us

Without the delusion that tomorrow will come
There is no promise
There is no hope

Finally we see that we become who we want
We will be who we are
Not because fate assigned it to us
But because we chose to be

Life is nothing without the choice
The choice of being one's own
The being of who we dreamed to be

And yet we do not know our own dreams
We struggle in the fear that we will fade
That we will be forgotten

But we will not be forgotten
We will never fade
For we are life
And life does not die
Life does not cease to exist

We may wish for the sun to fall
We may beg on hands and knees
We wish for it to say goodbye
But life does not end

The feelings that we have wrapped up
The senses that we have dulled
Can only tell us one thing
That we have the choice
We have the power

Life does not have us
We are not strangers trespassing on it's grounds
We do not have life
We do not grasp it

We are life

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