Submitted Date 11/20/2020

and suddenly the sun burst like a balloon
filled with liquid hell
little droplets of flaming yellow fell from the sky
melting everything around them
some of them oozed and bubbled live lava
some of them incinerated what that they had touched instantly
leaving only smoldering piles of ash
the air choked on itself and then on the fire
fish boiled in the oceans
birds melted in the trees
the trees cried and simply gave up
collapsing into the earth
fertilizing the petrified bones of the dinosaurs
the bits of bone and bark
ash and tears
mixed together but would not settle
rather, floated away into the universe
splattering the great blackness with tiny pin pricks,
billions of them
or as we commonly know them, the stars
and the smell was reminiscent of
dirty clothes boiled in spoiled milk


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