Submitted Date 11/10/2019

She was lost in the unknown, purple flowers drifting from her hair. Sadness was the core of her being, and she knew of nothing else. Who she was had become lost in the busy noise of the world, and she longed for silence once more. But silence was not to be found. The desires of her soul became entrapped in a web of conceit and hatred that oozed from the bodies surrounding her. And as she fought for her silence, the more entangled she became.

Music, her solace, seemed to drag her deeper into herself. But this was not wrong. On the contrary, it was the right way for her spirit. The music created a longing of magic in her and instilled a deeper need for the extraordinary.

She spent her days seeking the magic, only for it to seemingly slip beyond her grasp. Close, oh so close, she would be. Then, the magic would disappear. And so she turned to her dreams, for surely they would have the answers she sought. But her dreams did not let her enter their lands. They shut the gate and bid her to seek elsewhere.

To the forest she turned. Walking amongst the trees, she desired of them to speak their secrets. Branches whispered and leaves glistened with stories of the magic of old. Sleeping at the feet of the elder trees, tears rained down her face and shone with the leaves. Small, almost non discernible whispers reached her ears and spoke of the knowledge of the waters.

And so, to the waters she ran. Listening to her pleas, the water lapped gently against her ankles. And from the ripples in the sea, she heard the roaring voices of waves. The waves spoke of the magic she so greatly desired, and pointed her to the mountains as her final destination.

Reaching the top of the mountain, she felt as if her heart would leap from her body. For at the summit, as she looked out over the world she had traveled, she felt the silence in her heart. She had found her magic, and it was hers to always be.


Inspiration: "I Remember" - ANTHOLOMOIR,

Photo Credit: Roy Reyna,

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