Submitted Date 07/15/2019

Life hurts at different points of the journey. The day that I walked past you on the street, we locked eyes for a moment and I saw the pain hidden deep behind that polite smile. I stopped at the corner and cried for you. The intensity of your heart shone through every part of your being, and for a moment I became part of you. My shoulders heaved with the sobs that wrenched from my soul. I knew not what caused the pain in you, but I wished I could save you from it.

I turned back to find you. I wanted to help, but you had vanished. My throat burned with the fire of a sadness that most feel only once in a lifetime. The surrounding air felt heavy with your pain and the sky began to cry with me.

If I had the choice, I would wrap my arms around you and absorb every single ray of that sadness. I would let it turn every inch of my soul black if I could save you from that demon inside you. If only the tears from my eyes could spill out into an ocean on the sidewalk, then perhaps it would sweep you up in its waves and cleanse your heart.

The smile you so bravely gave to me as you passed showed how much strength you carry inside you. You have taken your broken pieces and patched them together so that you may walk among the living and hope that they do not know the difference. But perhaps I saw your brokenness because I too am patched and glued together. I wish I could give you some of my broken pieces to fill the empty spaces in you, then you would be whole once more.

I cry this ocean for you, and I hope that it heals you.

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