Submitted Date 08/25/2019

I wandered around the coast and thought about why we expect perfection from ourselves and from others. There's no great, all-encompassing answer for this, but I gathered a few ideas from the forest.

Trees are radically authentic. They don't know how to be anything other than themselves. That's not even an idea that exists in their world.

There's no show of colorful feathers or fur. No puffed chests or competition. No pretending they're something other than what they are.

Their roots are sometimes exposed; curving around themselves and others. Intertwining beneath the earth to communicate openly. They offer their stories to each other through fungi, and to us in rings.

Nurse logs allow new life to root in their decaying cambium and bark. They waste nothing and ask for nothing in return.

I walked through this ecosystem contained beneath the canopy and marveled at the living ancient art museum in front of me.

Beauty that can't be possessed, only loved, as it should be. Ideas of perfection don't exist here, only cooperation.
Partnership toward a common goal: thriving together.

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  • Ceara 2 years ago

    Beautiful descriptions. I can imagine walking through a forest and having these thoughts swim around. Thanks for sharing!

  • Rick Doble 2 years ago

    "Perfect is the enemy of good." Voltaire. As I have written in other comments, keep doing what you are doing and you will get better. But if you have to be perfect with each task, you will fail. Trying to be perfect is an imperfect desire.