Submitted Date 12/16/2018

I hide in the shadows of midnight
I run through the halls of fame
Leaving traces of dust
Where my fingers have played
But no finger prints will remain

I steel through the vaults of gold
And sing to the souls in the catacombs
My heart lies buried in a thousand places
I see through the eyes of unborn souls
And live a million life times

My breath is the wind
That ruffles the feathers
Of a seagull in flight
As it plays in the up drafts
Above the sea

I paint the fields in colours true
Hang a rainbow in skies of blue
I play in the light of the milky way
And drop a falling star or two
To wish upon, if you so choose

To find me look inside yourself
That piece of you that doesn't fit
Is just a shadow of my former self
Yearning to be free
To live just one more time for you

Too soon the embers of your life
I'll paint in autumn shades
Your time to rest now close at hand
Be not afraid, you're not alone
Close to my heart you'll stay

Exhale and set your spirit free
As I Inhale and draw from you
Your last sweet breath
Your shadow now free
To fly eternally with me

(c) Phoenix Rainez 


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  • Dina Stuart 2 weeks, 5 days ago

    The imagery evokes a sense of wild freedom. The word choice is exceptional. Watch the rhyme scheme and typos.

  • Tomas Chough 1 week, 1 day ago

    Cool poem Angie! I love how the picture matches everything so well. Great job!