Submitted Date 02/14/2019

Fact: We live our lives unnaturally encompassed in fear.

We parent our children based on fear. Fear they will become bad people. Fear they will see us for who we really are. Fear they will leave us and never return.

We maneuver in our relationships based on fear. Fear they will leave us or find someone better. Fear they might no longer love us if they see our true colors.

We work jobs that mentally and physically drain us based on fear. Fear that if we quit, we will no longer be able to sustain ourselves or our families. Fear to take the leap to start that business we’ve always dreamed of. Fear of what other people might say.

We watch television to justify our fears. Fear that the world is as bad as we believe it to be. Fear that the power of evil is greater than the power of good.

We cling to our religious beliefs based on fear. Fear of going to hell or disappointing our creator. Fear of being judged.

We poison our bodies based on fear. Fear that if we don’t take what the doctor is prescribing, we will get ill and die. Fear that we don’t have control over our health and well being.

If everything we do is based on fear, then what are we doing out of pure love? The answer is very little. If you pay attention to our relationships, our exchanges with strangers, the way we treat our bodies, everything stems from the fear of facing our true selves and deciding we don’t like what we see. Not the minute details society tells us we should pay attention to such as looks, intelligence, or money... but the true aspects of ourselves that are still there when all else has been stripped away.

This is so evident in our society, no matter the race, age group, political party, or religion. Everyone is fighting against their true nature in order to conform to a blueprint that has never once worked for the whole of humanity. Throughout history, fear has been embedded in us so deep, that we have now accepted it as “the way life is”. You may agree that this is, in fact, true and there’s no way to change it but I’ll have to call bullshit on that and say the statement is extremely fear based. Fear that there is no such thing as peace so there’s no reason to wish for it. Whenever I start feeling this way I look at my one-year-old son. Fear does not exist in his heart. He fearlessly navigates through life until fear is placed inside of him by either me or another adult. What this tells me is, most of our fears have been taught and learned. Some for good reason, others only make our lives less enjoyable.


My own fears have utterly dictated my life for the past few years. When I realized the majority of the decisions I was making was based on the fear of failure, fear of lack, fear of death, I knew my life was headed in the wrong direction. I wanted to make a change but I didn’t know how. I looked to psychology. I learned as much as I could about the brain and what was causing me to live in such constant anxiety. I looked to my loved ones, hoping that my answers were written in their history. I looked to religion. Scanning the written word for any traces of similarities between the people of that time and what I was dealing with now. All of my searches left me filling so unfulfilled, I started questioning if there was any answer at all. How did I know I wasn’t on a wild goose chase, after a solution that didn’t exist?


It wasn’t until I looked within did I find peace in my situation. After coming into the knowledge that our thoughts create our reality, I came to the conclusion that I had to change my thoughts. Easier said than done. I thought about how much negativity I was drawing into my life simply by resisting negativity. “The Universal Law of Resistance says that what you resist continues to appear in your experience until you learn to release what created the resistance in the first place.” My intuition had arisen from the dead and I couldn’t deny that this felt too true. Ever since I had this epiphany in 2017, I declared a war on fear. Everything that I once feared began to feel minute to the monster of fear itself. Why? The things that I was so afraid of were things that were beyond my control. Fear itself? Controllable. I shifted my focus. If I was actually attracting those things that I feared so terribly, what would happen if I stopped fearing them? The answer is ironically simple. I’m not saying that I have magically conquered fear and anxiety but what I can say is I have elevated beyond the point that they have control over my peace of mind. No longer will I let fearful thoughts dictate how I treat my loved ones, strangers, and even myself. I have declared this war on fear and I plan to come out victorious.

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