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You can never have enough cool summer treats on hand to break the heat wave and your thirst. Whether you make them in the kitchen or take them off the shelf, these chilly summertime snacks will keep you going without weighing you down. Here are five more healthy treats that will keep you feeling fit and full.

1. Stuffed Apple
I prefer tart Granny Smith apples for these treats but you can choose any variety you desire. Carefully cut out the core from an apple with a pairing knife. You can place it on a cutting board stem up, hold it from the side and cut perpendicular to the cutting board. Or hold the apple sideways with your hand on top of its curved side and cut parallel to the cutting board. Keep a firm grip to it doesn't rock or roll. It can be awkward the first time or two, but you'll quickly get the hang of it. Flip the apple and do this for the top and bottom.

Push the core out one way with your thumbs and use a dinner knife to fill the hole with your favorite nut butter or nut-based spread. Hazelnut and chocolate spreads can be high in sugar, and all nut butters are high in fat, so go easy on these apple treats.

2. Gelatin Snacks
Gelatin snacks are not just for kids. The powdered boxes and refrigerated cups are typically full of sugar or chemical artificial sweeteners. If you buy plain gelatin and make your own treats you can create amazing flavors and experiment to find new favorites. Read the directions on the back of the package or look up a highly rated recipe to get you started.

Add juice or milk if you prefer it smooth, or flaked coconut, chopped nuts or diced fruit if you like a little texture. Add natural sweeteners like turbinado sugar, coconut sugar, raw honey and agave nectar. Or substitutes like stevia extract, monk fruit extract, xylitol or erythritol.

3. Chilled Drinks
Cold drinks can really hit the spot on a sweltering day. If you prepare your smoothies, spritzers and shakes with fresh flavors, natural sweeteners or subs, and healthy replacements you can get great nutrition with your refreshment.

Drink fresh fruit and veggie juice straight or use it to make mocktails, spritzers and coolers with flavored seltzer or club soda. Freeze fresh juice and/or fruit chunks to replace ice and sugar in slushies, smoothies and other blended frozen beverages.

4. Frozen Pops
You can put solid slices of watermelon on Popsicle sticks and freeze them for a frozen treat. Plain bananas or ones dipped in dark chocolate also make great frozen whole fruit pops. Or you can try blending different fruits with water or your favorite nut milk and pouring the mixture into molds to make fruity frozen pops. Make things a little more interesting by adding pudding, natural soda or flavored seltzer to the mix.

5. Frozen Desserts
Making your own frozen desserts can be just as fun as eating them in the summer sun. A tabletop ice cream maker is an invaluable appliance in the summer heat, but a food processor or powerful blender can also be your best friend.

Use food processor or blender to crush and blend your favorite combination of fresh or frozen fruit, fresh fruit juice, water, ice and/or sweetener to make Italian ice or sorbet. Or freeze mixture in a preferably shallow baking dish until solid and use a strong fork and some elbow grease to scrape up tasty shavings for granita.

Add your favorite nut milk for "ice cream," dairy-free yogurt for homemade froyo, or a cooked and cooled milk and egg yolk mixture for frozen custard. Add sweetener of your choice to any of these options, or let the natural sweetness lead.

Once frozen eat these treats in a bowl or on a cone, blend with more nut milk for a thick milkshake, or serve with natural soda or flavored seltzer for a frozen dessert float.

Low cal and guilt-free, these chilly summer snacks are healthy, easy, fun and creative. Combine your favorite flavors and enjoy the great tastes of summer without worrying about your waistline.

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  • Ceara 1 year, 10 months ago

    Love it! I'm always trying to figure out new (and healthier) snacks. I also like to freeze grapes and orange slices on skewers and make fruit-sicles!

  • Alexander 1 year, 10 months ago

    I just went on keto, so I'm not sure any of these will actually "fit" into that, but I'll have to check them out!