Submitted Date 09/11/2019

Oh Joy, where have you gone? You seem to have slipped through my fingers yet again. I thought I saw you pass by on the street the other day, but when I turned to look, it was naught but a shadow of you. It lingered in the corner for but a moment, and then disappeared.

ost are the days when we traveled the forest and fields together. Peace walked along with us, but it appears that you both have left me for greener pastures.

My heart longs to be with you once again. Tears water the folds of my pillowcase at night, and my covers cannot compare to the warmth you once had given me.

Just hours ago we met along the lagoon and you said that you had returned. But here I am, alone. I suppose you have never been an ever present presence though. You were always one to flit away at a moments notice.

You are a strange one, my dear friend. It was you that brought the sunshine in every gloomy day, and it was you that caused laughter to rise from my belly.

Oh how I remember those days well, and how I wish I could live each day as such. I suppose it was never meant to be. For there to be happiness, there must be sadness. How can one experience you in all your glory if we have not had the days of grief? That's what I've been told, anyway. I don't know if I believe that though.

If you were always with me and always had been with me, I know that all would be well. But I know this is not how it is meant to be for you and I. So, I will do my best to accept that. I will always miss you when you have to go. Just know that I cherish every second that is spent with you. And although you may leave more often and for longer than I wish, I always look for your return.

In those hidden moments of the days that pass, I smell your scent upon the wind. It brings a bittersweet smile to my face, and I dream of you.

It is you, my dear friend, that will always be the light inside my soul. And only you shine brighter than every star in the universe.


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