Submitted Date 05/17/2019

I'm really not too bad off,

I'm really not struggling that bad.

I simply am almost always lonely

And feeling a bit unfulfilled.


I don't want to hurt,

And I only want to help

But somehow other things always get in the way

And my intentions seldom come off correctly.


Sometimes I feel unappreciated,

But mostly just want to be loved.

I never want to upset anyone,

And only want others to be happy.


I am well aware that I will end up alone,

I am perfectly content with where I am in life,

I have reached a place of solace and solitude I am content with,

But there are a few moments of ambiguity that leave me questioning.


I pretty much know where my life is headed

And I have a good idea of where I want to go,

I just wish my human connection possibilities,

Were not always non-existent.

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