Submitted Date 06/25/2019

I remember the day that the smoke rose continuously from the ashes of the world you burned. Every creature could hear the screams from my mouth as I suffocated in your lies. I'm not sure which hurt worse: the burning of my flesh or the sting of your betrayal.

At one time, I longed for the days when our eyes would meet and I would fall within your arms. Even castles felt unsafe compared to when I was with you. Lips had never tasted so sweet or succulent before yours touched mine. But it was all gone in an instant. The treachery of a moment has turned into the pain of a lifetime.

Take me back to the days before you turned cruel. I long to dance one more time with you, and to laugh at the passing hours. Time seemed so trivial when every second of it was spent by your side. Do you remember when we walked the grassy knolls in the evening? The fireflies would set the night and my heart ablaze. As we sat, I could hear music coming from your soul, and I soaked in the melody.

But now the person you once were is gone. They vanished in a blinding flash and I cannot find them again. My tears for you evaporate as they drip from my eyes. I call out to the moon and beg her to shine the pathway to you, but she does not hear my cries. Every falling star is wished upon, but my wish is always ignored. I passed your ghost on the street the other day. My soul surged within me as you faded away. I pleaded for you to return, but your essence was gone.

Now I sit, on our grassy knoll, and watch the fireflies dance once more. A different kind of music plays. I had never noticed it before because your song always drowned it out. I can hear it from my spirit. It is my song.

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