Submitted Date 07/29/2019



To reach the self-love destination,

It takes more than just self-preservation.

Start with self-divination, self-filtration, and self-cultivation

To then elevate to a self-mutation that includes a self-realization

Of how badass you truly are.

Avoid self-procrastination for that will cause self-stagnation,

Which can also lead to self-defamation.

And maybe self-detonation.


Don't be afraid of a little self-isolation when needed.

Because that can lead to self-idolization, and

Maybe a little self-fornication.

Because you'll never truly be lonely if you make love to yourself.

I mean love yourself.

Either way, nothing wrong with a little self-gratification and self-relaxation.

So be open to this self-unification and self-liberation,

To truly see how bright your self-illumination is.

A self-graduation towards a museum of self-illustrations

Reflecting self-education.

Because who's gonna know you better than you.

Then add some self-affirmation,

To top off the process of self-extrication and self-purification.

A true self-elevation to a new self-classification

Of self-infatuation

Aka self-love.


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  • Ceara 1 year, 9 months ago

    Love the flow of this. It shouts slam poetry to me and this topic is so important. Thanks for sharing!

  • Rick Doble 1 year, 9 months ago

    But be on guard against self-doubt, poor self-esteem, self-aggrandizement, and self-denial.