Submitted Date 03/29/2019

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Max.

Max was very happy, all the time, and didn't know a care in the world.

One morning, he woke early, and saw his mother leaving for work.

He cried and cried, but his mother had to go, and she shut the front door as he kept crying.

Max's father held him on his knee as the little boy wailed his grief.

Several minutes passed, and Max's tears stopped at last.

He felt, though he couldn't think it at the time, that his mother was leaving forever. She always came back every evening, but he never really thought about the going-away part of it.

He went back to sleep in his little bed, and carried on throughout the day as he usually did when morning came.

He watched TV at breakfast, he played with his building blocks, ate lunch, played some more, and took a nap on top of his father when he took a nap.

Soon Max heard the sound of a key turning the lock at the front door, and sure enough, it was his mother come home again!

He was so glad. The three of them had dinner, and Max and his mother played until the boy had to go to sleep again once more.

The End

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