Submitted Date 02/24/2020

I am sure most of us are having a case of the Sunday Blues right now. So, I decided to share a list of my favorite podcasts that way our Monday will be a bit more exciting. Whether you drive, walk, or take the metro to work, this list of podcasts will give you a variety of fun and very interesting topics that you can listen to. Here it is:


1. The Office Ladies - The perfect podcast for any The Office fans out there. Hosts and actresses Angela Kinsey (Angela) and Jenna Fischer (Pam) are doing the major The Office re-watch podcast where they give you behind the scenes tidbits of what it was like to record one of the most iconic shows ever.

2. Food, we need to Talk - This Boston-local podcast talks about our complicated and very important relationship with food. It will give you different science-backed facts about the foods we should eat and those we should avoid and how exercise can benefit our everyday lives!

3. Checks and Balances - This is a great podcast about politics, democracy and American economics where correspondents from renowned The Economist meet and discuss different topics that are shaping today's politics.


4. Switched on Pop - Switched on Pop is the perfect podcast for music and pop lovers where a musicologist and a songwriter meet up weekly to discuss and break down some of the most famous pop songs along with the techniques behind them.




5. Ted Talks Daily - This is one of my absolute favorite podcasts. I don't always find the time to sit and watch Ted Talks, so having recorded episodes on Spotify makes listening to them super easy. Each episode is different from the other, whether it is educational or inspiring, you will want to hear more!


I hope you have a good and entertaining Monday and let me know what you think about these Podcasts!

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