Submitted Date 08/26/2019

Friends by Joseph Beard Jr


What are friends?

Are they the people who have your back

Or the ones who stab you in the back

Friends can be both

I have had so many friends but none of them are still here

Friends like seasons change all the time

Only the real ones stick around

Only the real ones understand you

Friends will never let you down and if they do they'll always pick you back up

Friends arent perfect but neither are you

They will support you when you need it and youll do the same

They will be your shoulders to cry on and your ears to talk into

They will fight for you and you will fight for them

Friends will never let you deal with things alone

When youre lost they're there to find you

When youre sad theyre here to put a smile or your face

So what are friends?

Friends are the people who you let in your life to better you and grow with you

Friends will walk the walk and talk the talk and never leave you when times get hard

Do you have friends?

I am still looking for mine.



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  • Rick Doble 1 year, 2 months ago

    My friends have been such a disappointment. The ideal friend you talk about may be too hard to find. I've settled for good friendships that don't last forever. And then I try to enjoy it while it lasts.