Submitted Date 05/10/2019

my skin caught fire at the feel
of her breath against my neck
like molten rock,
& i held my lungs taut,
wouldn't wake her,
coudn't keep her.

the shadows crept away into day
& my chest burst full
of unsaid-unwanted things
while the clock ticked easy
as flesh turned to ash,
& want curled itself
deep into the
pit of me.

her hair covered the pillow like
snake skin;
she was just another girl i know,
just another girl to burn holes
into my pillow
like cigarette stains.
that doesn't mean the fire
didn't hurt,
just means i knew
what was toxic from the start.

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  • Tomas Chough 3 years ago

    It's great how you use words like ash, fire and burn to create a specific vibe. Nice work Kiersten!

  • Ceara 3 years ago

    I agree with Tomas, your language is really specific and creates great imagery.